LG ELECTRONICS PERSONALIZES HOME ENTERTAINMENT THROUGH CUSTOMIZATION AND ADVANCED STYLING THX and ISFccc Calibration Capabilities Enhance Viewing Experience; Network Blu-ray Disc Player Instantly Streams Movies from Netflix



THX and ISFccc Calibration Capabilities Enhance Viewing Experience;
Network Blu -ray Disc Player Instantly Streams Movies from Netflix

DENVER, Sept. 4, 2008 -The new LG BD300 Network Blu -ray Disc Player and high -definition LCDs and plasmas with custom and pre -programmed calibration settings highlight LG Electronics' innovative product line on display this week at the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) EXPO 2008 (booth #720).

LG demonstrates advanced technologies such as Intelligent Sensor in its LCD HDTV line, including the 1.8 -inch thin LGX series and the LG90, an LED backlit LCD with ultra -high dynamic contrast ratio. LG's flagship PG60 HDTV plasma series with THX Display Certification is also on display. Custom installers appreciate these advanced options for uncompromising home theater enthusiasts craving high style and superior picture quality in one package.

Also illustrating its diverse technology offerings are LG's new BD300 Network Blu -ray Disc Player, the world's first Blu -ray player that instantly streams movies from Netflix (subscription required and sold separately), and several home theater products which elevate the listening and movie -watching experience.

"Integrators have seen an increasing consumer demand for custom technology. They expect electronics to multitask and seamlessly fit into their home environments and lifestyles," said Peter Reiner, senior vice president of marketing and strategy for LG Electronics North America. "LG LCD and plasma HDTVs offer sophisticated design, smart technology and advanced calibration options to help custom installers tailor the video and audio to the users' taste, type of content and viewing environment."

Highlighting its commitment to delivering a premium product across the entire line, LG Electronics incorporates four core LG technologies: AV Mode, Clear Voice, Invisible Speakers and Expert Mode in all LCD and plasma series (models above 26 -inch class).
LG's AV Mode technology provides special options to optimize picture and sound based on "Cinema," "Sports," or "Game" content. Unlike other similar modes, LG addresses audio settings along with video. The AV mode settings are easily accessible through the remote control, making the customization of the TV based on content type as simple as pushing a button.

Discerning consumers appreciate Clear Voice technology which automatically enhances dialogue when background noise - such as an action sequence - swells.

Additionally, all LCD and plasma HDTVs feature an invisible speaker system custom tuned by audio expert Mr. Mark Levinson. This unique system provides a clean, polished look and an enhanced auditory experience by increasing the "sweet spot," providing a wider field of sound.

Lastly, LG's Expert Mode enables a more detailed calibration capability, based on lighting conditions or type of event. With more than 25 fine adjustment points consumers have the ultimate choice in displaying their content. Installers appreciate the individualized viewing experience they deliver for customers every time they turn on the television.

LG's entire line of Full HD 1080p LCDs offers an automatic option for picture adjustment called Intelligent Sensor. This feature automatically adjusts the picture based on room -lighting conditions. Intelligent Sensor stands out from similar technologies because it not only senses the brightness of ambient light, but also evaluates color characteristics of the light, and uses this data to adjust brightness and several other picture settings, such as color, contrast and sharpness. The resulting picture is better suited to the room environment for an optimized viewing experience and automatically adjusts as conditions change.

Additionally, Intelligent Sensor can save energy since brightness is automatically lowered in dark environments. Among the models on display with Intelligent Sensor are the newest addition to LG's LCD line, the LG90 and LGX.

The LG90, a 47 -inch class (46.9 -inch diagonal) LCD with LED backlighting, uses local dimming technology to produce ultra -dark black levels offering a 1,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and superior picture quality. Housed in a sleek cabinet with blue color accents and invisible speakers, the LG90 is a truly striking unit, even when turned off. The LGX series takes slim design and advanced technologies to a new level with a 1.8 -inch deep cabinet and unique red accenting. Both the LG90 and the LGX feature LG's Super IPS panel and 120Hz TruMotion technology. Together, these two technologies provide a more natural, fluid picture for an enhanced viewing experience at almost any angle.
The combination of performance and style is not limited to LG's LCD models. The flagship PG60 series, available in 50 - and 60 -inch class (49.9 - and 59.9 -inch diagonal) screen sizes, boasts a slim, elegant single -layer design that mimics the appearance of a pane of glass creating a sleek, sophisticated look to complement any home décor. The PG60 series also has a non -reflective internal cell structure to help minimize excessive glare typically caused by harsh ambient light and further enhancing the consumer's home entertainment experience.

Demonstrating excellent performance capability, both PG60 models attained THX Display Certification. Among the first in the industry to achieve this certification, the PG60 plasmas offer consumers exceptional image quality for a more immersive movie, TV and video game experience from the comfort of their homes.

In addition, all 1080p LCD and plasma models are ISFccc certified, providing the detailed adjustments necessary for a professional ISF calibration. A 10 -point white balance adjustment and color management system allows for custom calibration of individual home theater environments and ambient lighting which can be saved in ISF "Day" and ISF "Night" modes. LG has 22 models with ISFccc capability.

Rounding out its comprehensive line of 1080p Full HD displays, LG is showcasing the PG30 series of plasmas and the LG50, LG60 and LG70 series of LCDs at CEDIA this week. All
four of these innovative HDTV series utilize LG's four core technologies for an enhanced listening and viewing experience.

Further evolving the home entertainment experience, LG's BD300 Network Blu -ray Disc Player offers consumers unprecedented access to disc -based and networked home video entertainment. Available this fall, the BD300 satisfies the consumer desire for a streamlined approach to the multimedia experience with access to instantly stream movies from Netflix. Consumers can enjoy more than 12,000 choices of movies and television episodes that stream directly to the BD300 for playback. (For more information please see separate availability release.)

Also on display is LG's LHT888, tuned by audio expert Mr. Mark Levinson. With high -quality sound and stunning contemporary design, inspired by the slim, elegant form of a champagne glass, the LHT888's loudspeakers feature multiple drivers in parabolic housings, each with a tapered integrated pedestal. Custom installers appreciate the stunning natural appearance of this model, which makes for a modern addition to any home theater environment.

Confirming the old adage "good things come in small packages," LG's sleek 5 -disc DVD home theater system (LHT874) features LG SimpLink™ technology, which allows the consumer to control other LG SimpLink devices, such as TVs or DVD players, on -screen or directly from each component with one central control.

Equally important, the LHT874 offers an array of playback options such as iPod and USB Media Plus connectivity for quick and easy access to digital music, photos and video from one simple device.

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