RTcom USA Introduces Fiber Optic and CAT -5e/6 Extension Systems for High Definition Video and Audio

New Delivery Systems Extend DVI and HDMI Connections Ground-Breaking Distances While Maximizing Signal Integrity

Denver - (September 4, 2008) - RTcom USA Inc., provider of digital connectivity solutions for professional and consumer audio -visual and personal computer systems, announces to the custom electronic installations industry two revolutionary fiber optic and Category 5e/6 (CAT -5e, CAT -6) cable systems that can extend high -definition video and audio signals up to one kilometer (3,280 feet) without degradation of signal.

With HDCP compliant modules for both DVI and HDMI, the fiber optic and CAT -5e/6 cable systems provide complete solutions for medium and long distance high -definition content delivery.

Installers may run into difficulties when faced with having to send HDMI signals over extra -long cable runs as the quality of the signal usually deteriorates over the extended distance. RTcom's unique fiber -optic and CAT -5e/6 transmitters and receivers enable the signals to transmit over a distance of up to 3,280 feet, noise -free and with full high resolution up to 1080p. Each extension system consists of one transmitter, which converts DVI or HDMI into a fiber optic or CAT -5e/6 signal, and a receiver, converting it back to its original source.

"No matter how far you plan on extending your signal, whether it's three feet or 3,000 feet, RTcom's fiber -optic and CAT -5e/6 cable extension systems provide the most reliable method to ensure you have the highest quality signal with no signal degradation," said Joon Ryu, president of RTcom USA. "As with many of RTcom's products, the extension systems are High -Definition Content Protection (HDCP) compliant, which allows users to present high definition, commercially copywrited protected material on several different displays."


•Optimized for digital HDTV (HDCP Compliant)
•Separate HDMI transmitter and receiver boxes are connected with LC fiber optic cables and connectors
•Ideal to run through small conduits or small openings as the transmitter and receiver are detachable from the cables (requires only 1 inch opening)
•Supports high resolutions up to (1920x1200)@60Hz, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
•Extends up to 3280ft (1000m) - optional
•Carry uncompressed digital video & audio signals
•Supports manual EDID programming as well as preprogrammed factory EDID
•Corresponds to T.M.D.S. signal.
•External 12V power supply adapter included


•Optimized for Digital Displays (HDCP compliant)
•Separate Single link DVI -D transmitter and receiver boxes are connected with LC fiber optic cables and connectors
•Supports high resolutions up to (1920x 1200), HDTV signal up to 1080p
•Extends up to 3,280 feet (1,000m) - optional
•Supports manual EDID programming as well as preprogrammed factory EDID
•Carries digital audio signal separately
•Corresponds to T.M.D.S signal


*Extends high definition displays up to 200 feet (60 meters) from the source at 1080i
•Extends high definition displays up to 150 feet (45 meters) from the source at 1080p
•Supports resolutions up to 1080p, 2K, and 1920 x 1200
•Audio and video are transmitted digitally over the CAT -5e or CAT -6 cable for zero signal loss
•HDCP compliant


*Uses CAT -5e or CAT -6 cable for DDC and control signals
•200 ft extension at 1280x1024 , 150 ft extension at 1920x1200
•Supports VESA Standard resolutions and HDTV resolution
•Supports DDWG standard for DVI compliant monitors
•HDCP compliant

The OBCA -BOX and OBHD -BOX are available now at an MSRP of $599 per pair and the DDCAT -X, and HDCAT -X for CAT 5e/6 systems are at $295. For inquiries on cable costs, please contact Aurora Multimedia directly. Customers in U.S. can purchase the products through Aurora Multimedia at (732) 591 -5800 or sales@auroramultimedia.com, and international customers can purchase them directly from RTcom USA at (973) 383 -4878 or rtcomusa@earthlink.net.

About RTcom USA
RTcom USA Inc., headquartered in Sparta, N.J., is a leading manufacturer of professional digital A/V and PC connectivity products in the digital connectivity market. As an industry pioneer, RTcom USA works closely with the major international standards -setting bodies to develop and tailor its products for the needs of system integrators, home theater consumers and A/V equipment manufacturers. The company's products, sold under the Digital Extender® brand, include fiber optic DVI/HDMI extension systems, HDTV switchers, distribution amplifiers, matrix routers, signal converters, digital cables and adapters. Since its founding in 2001, RTcom USA has maintained manufacturing and R&D facilities in the U.S. and Korea. Visit www.digitalextender.com for more information.

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