High -End & Mid -Range Audio Manufacturers Embrace HD Radio™ Technology

Top Performing Products from Denon, Integra, Marantz, Yamaha & Others Offering the Very Best in AM & FM Digital Audio

Columbia, Maryland - September 03, 2008 - iBiquity Digital Corporation, the developer of digital HD Radio™ technology for AM and FM audio and data broadcasting, today announced expanded movement in the high -end and mid -range receiver category, reinforcing how digital radio is fast becoming a must -have feature for any comprehensive top -shelf custom or retrofitted home audio entertainment system.

At the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA) EXPO this month, 20 -plus products - - three of which are iTunes® Tagging -enabled - - were on display, including seven newly announced Integra, McIntosh and Yamaha products for the home installer. Custom audio manufacturers, such as Audio Design Associates, Denon, Marantz, Niles Audio, Onkyo and Polk, also offer a lineup of custom -install, home theater receivers and processors that feature the programming diversity and crystal -clear sound quality that is synonymous with HD Radio broadcasts.

"HD Radio technology's adoption by CE leaders in the advanced home audio system arena is yet another proof point in the overall manufacturer dedication to offering consumers a variety of HD Radio products that enhance their entertainment experience across a wide -ranging price point spectrum," said Bob Struble, President and CEO of iBiquity Digital Corporation. "A host of core high -end and mid -range components made to please the most discerning audiophile and other savvy consumers now have access to the next generation of broadcast technology."

HD Radio technology provides customers with exclusive access to the best in digital broadcasting from more than 1,750 AM and FM HD Radio stations nationwide with over 800 FM multicast channels boasting added content and format choices. Its adoption by these consumer electronics industry leaders demonstrates how HD Radio technology is an essential part of any advanced home audio system. It complements their video capabilities with matching AM/FM performance, putting the audio back into the AV system.

For a comprehensive buyer's guide that includes information on these component tuners, along with other HD Radio receivers for the home, office and car, please visit http://www.hdradio.com/buyers_guide.php.

About HD Radio™ Technology
Approved by the FCC as the digital technology for AM and FM broadcasting, HD Radio broadcasts offer consumers crystal -clear audio (AM sounds like traditional FM; digital FM offers CD -like quality sound), innovative new FM channels and data services with no subscription free. FM stations can offer many new channels with innovative programming not available on standard radios: from the independent focus of the iChannel and local emphasis of Detroit's Riff2 to the target audience of the Pride channel; from classical to jazz to gospel to hip hop to the BBC. More than 1,750 HD Radio stations are on the air today across the United States, plus more than 800 new HD2/3 channels. A full list of stations is available at http://www.hdradio.com.


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Note to editors: "HD Radio™" and the HD Radio logo are proprietary trademarks of iBiquity Digital Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. The "HD" in HD Radio™ is part of iBiquity Digital's brand name for its advanced digital AM/FM system. It does not mean hybrid digital or high -definition digital; both of these are incorrect.


The following is a sample of the growing high -end and mid -range HD Radio receiver segment:

Audio Design Associates Suite 8200 - $4,999.00
ADA developed a true high performance, all -in -one multi -room solution. The 8 -zone system that is the Suite 8200 is dedicated first and foremost to great sound, featuring a current driven Class A/B power amplifier that is stable to 4 Ohms, providing a warm and rich musical experience with quality HD Radio reception.

Denon's AVP -A1HDCI - $7,500.00
With features simply not found on other controllers, the AVP -A1HDCI sets the standard for audio and video processing, along with next -generation digital media connectivity and superior AM/FM sound quality with HD Radio technology. The built -in HD Radio tuner makes the A1HDC1 the perfect centerpiece for any system.

Integra's DTR 8.8 - $2,199.00
The DTR -8.8 AV pushes the AV receiver envelope with the latest in connectivity, format decoding and HD Radio broadcasting. It offers full 7.1 decoding with 140 watts per channel, 1080P video up -converting and a continuing tradition of Onkyo excellence.

Marantz's SR8002 - $1,999.99
The SR8002 three zone AV receiver is the perfect cornerstone of any home theater system. Featuring 7.1 channels of audio, HD Radio reception and a host of inputs, including HDMI, it offers timeless performance and elegance. SR8002's ergonomic controls enable even novice users to easily operate the unit.

Niles Audio's TM -HD/R - $399.95
The TM -HD/R is a tuner module that slides into the card cage on a Niles IntelliControl ICS modular multizone receiver. It provides the functionality of a normal tuner: seek through stations, access to 20 favorites and direct access to a station by entering the channel frequency. In addition, the TM -HD/R provides the ability to receive an HD Radio broadcast.

Onkyo TX -NR906 - $2,299.00
Multi -dimensional, superbly crafted and loaded with impressive specs, the TX -NR906 is a true champion for the age. With seemingly endless abilities, including HQV Reon -VX video processing, dual high -def HDMI outputs, Audyssey room correction technologies, and multi -room audio/video distribution, the receiver leaves no base uncovered, including that of HD Radio technology.

Yamaha's RX -Z11 - $5,500.00
Yamaha advances the benchmark for AV receivers with their RX -Z11. The unit represents all that can be done in an AV receiver - including HD Radio broadcasting. It offers 11 channels of audio, two additional subwoofer channels, and enough inputs/outputs to power any home theater system.


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