HUSH launches DIGIFI products that integrate Linn and Sonos streaming players under full CEDIA multi -room control


Denver, Co - September 4th, 2008 - Hush Technologies (UK) ltd, London based subsidiary of HUSH Technologies Gmbh, award winning silent PC specialists, are delighted to announce the launch of 2 groundbreaking DigiFiTM products.

The HUSH DigiFiTM has been designed to marry the convenience of the world of the CEDIA installed -home with flexibility of the world of UPnP. Able to provide ripping and local storage of music as well as ripping directly to NAS drives, the HUSH DigiFi's are also able to 'harvest' content stored on any drives shared on the home network, as well as connected MP3 players and USB drives. All the music catalogued is displayed as one music library for control either by the HUSH DigiFi's own interfaces but also by Crestron and AMX.

Furthermore, the HUSH DigiFiTM can play out all of the music it catalogues through a number of popular 'off -the -shelf' UPnP renderers and control them centrally as part of the installed system. Products from the LINN DS range, SONOS room players and those from ROKU are all currently supported.

"We are delighted to be working with HUSH to help them integrate our DS product range with their DigiFiTM products," enthused Gilad Tiefenbrun, Director of Engineering at LINN, "what this actually means is that, for the first time ever, customers can now specify the audiophile performance of the LINN DS players in their multiroom system, and have them controlled transparently by equipment from traditional CEDIA brands like Crestron or AMX." He added, "a LINN DS simply appears as another 'room' within one of these brands' control surfaces - HUSH has revolutionised the CEDIA market and we look forwards to developing this exciting market opportunity with them."

Markus Kramer, General Manager of HUSH Technologies Gmbh added "we know how important it is for customers to have the choice of performance as well as convenience in the CEDIA market. Until now, the consumer was forced by the market to choose between full CEDIA control, such as Crestron, or go with the flexibility of UPnP - but if they took the UPnP option, superb products from great brands such as SONOS and LINN could not be controlled centrally - really inconvenient." Kramer said "The HUSH DigiFiTM range has been designed specifically to offer a highly flexible solution to those installers whose customers want full installed -home control but need to be able to use that system to control their LINN or SONOS products".

Encased in stunning, precision engineered aerospace -grade aluminium chassis, and using HUSH's patented and award winning silent cooling technology, 2 DigiFiTM models are launched this autumn. The DF200 comes with a massive terabyte of local storage, and the DF100 with no local storage. Both models rip and encode to WAV, MP3, and WMA, and are able to store content to NAS drives (the DF100 rips directly to NAS) to enable massive music collections to be built up and backed -up. Content; WAV, MP3, WMA, AAC and FLAC, is also harvested from shares on the home network or from attached USB devices such as MP3 players and external hard -drives. And being whisper -quiet as well as very stylish, a HUSH DigiFiTM can be located in living areas in the home.

About Hush

Headquartered just outside Stuttgart, Germany HUSH Technologies is the leading manufacturer of award -winning precision -engineered, silent PCs. Established in 2003, HUSH Technologies have been pioneering the silent PC and winning numerous awards. Ergonomics, reliability and silence are our philosophy and our focus is on beautifully designed products, at home as much in the living room as much as the office.
Hush Technologies (UK) Ltd, have teamed up with Digital Fidelity, London -based software outfit specialising in the management and control of digital content in the home, to produce the Hush DigiFi under license.
Hush Technologies - The Science of Silence.
For more information about Hush Technologies (UK) Ltd and the Hush DigiFiTM please email or call Beverley Richmond at 0845 686 0833. For more information about Digital Fidelity or DigiFiTM, please contact Matthew Simmons

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LINN is recognised as the performance leader in pitch -accurate sound reproduction. Its authenticity comes from its original design, technology and manufacturing capabilities. LINN works exclusively with the world's leading specialist retailers and installers - people committed to providing the highest quality and performance solutions for their clients. LINN entertainment systems can be found in the world's finest homes, super -yachts and commercial applications. In 2002 LINN was granted Royal Warrant status, as suppliers of entertainment systems to the Royal Household.

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