PowerPlay revolutionizes home control of AC power

The world's first and only plug and play power center that controls everything in your home from anywhere in the world. PS Audio will show it's amazing PowerPlay line of AC conditioners at CEDIA booth 860

PowerPlay revolutionizes home theater control

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PS Audio introduces world's first plug and play internet controllable power conditioner at CEDIA

Revolutionary Devices Let You Perform 'Virtual Service Calls' From Anywhere

It's a world's first!
What if you could keep your audio/video or home automation gear running all the time and check or reset it from anywhere in the world? It happens all the time: company is coming over and the music in the house has stopped playing. Your installer is 100 miles away and can't get there before your guests arrive for the big event. What to do? It's an all -too -familiar occurrence in real life and PS Audio has created a line of products to fix this and many other problems that seem to happen regularly.

PS Audio's new PowerPlay Internet Controllable Power Centers are designed to be the simplest plug & play solution ever devised to allow custom installers or consumers to check and reset any component in an A/V or home automation system. No static IP required, no setup of any kind required. Power Play devices can be operated and configured from anywhere in the world, from any device that can connect to the Internet via the World Wide Web.

PowerPlay units will also automatically reboot modems or routers if they lose contact with the Internet and in the event of a total internet failure, the PowerPlay 9000 has full telephone communication support. The PowerPlay's will send out email alerts for any event you specify, can send IR commands to any piece of equipment in response to an event. With PowerPlay powering your client's systems, downtime is a thing of the past.

'Think of it this way: You can make a service call from the comfort of your beach chair,' stated Paul McGowan, PS Audio CEO. 'Power Play units are the only ones that can be completely configured and operated from the Internet. The time, money and hassle saved for installers is tremendous, and the system owners have faster and better service with less downtime. Heck, just the auto reboot of the modem and router is worth the price of admission alone!'

'PS Audio is known for making the best audiophile power conditioning products on the market, including the widely acclaimed Power Plant Premier AC Power Regenerator. The Power Play IPC 9000 and IPC 8000 power centers share many of the audiophile units' technologies and performance as well as add complete Internet controllability,' said McGowan.

The upcoming PowerPack 1500 UPS will add fully Internet controllable pure sine wave battery backup when connected to a PowerPlay IPC 8000 or IPC 9000.

PS Audio will be at the CEDIA Expo in Denver in booth #860 September 4 -7, 2008.

About PS Audio. For more than 35 years, PS Audio has specialized in delivering high -end, high quality audio and power solutions for the AV marketplace. Over these years our award winning audio and power management products for home theater systems, audio systems, recording studios and measurement laboratories have set the standards for performance and reliability.

PS Audio power products give audio/video systems the pure, noise free and perfect AC power they require for outstanding performance, providing longevity to connected components while protecting them from damage caused by power surges, spikes and lightning.

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