Cool Components continues to add innovation to thermal management of A/V systems

Cool Components, a leader in cooling solutions for residential technology applications, is blowing away this year's EXPO with an unprecendent number of new and innovative cooling and ventilation products.

Cool Components, a leader in cooling solutions for residential technology applications, is blowing away this year's EXPO with an unprecendent number of new and innovative cooling and ventilation products.

Since launching the first products over three years ago, Cool Components has positioned themselves with not only the highest quality products and an even higher level of service, but has been an innovator and that did not stop with our initial products. If anything, this year's products are the most innovative and were directly inspired by feedback from our customers which includes custom AV installers, furniture manufacturers, builders, architects, and even NASA, the Pentagon and the military!

Cool Components also leads the way in distribution with a solid lineup of the best distributors in the custom electronics industry. Our products can be purchased through The Advantage Group (TAG), the Digital Delivery Group (DDG), and Capitol Sales Group. Even with triple digit growth over each of the past three years, Cool Components has also stayed one step ahead of demand by keeping products in stock and in the hands of our distributors and dealers while maintaining the highest level of quality.

In addition to introducing an array of new products at the show, we are also very proud of some of our product improvements with the most notable being that we are currently transitioning to polarity protected fans. We also upgraded the mounting options on some of our units and have been improving our packaging, literature and overall are just simply improving every facet of our operations. We will not rest until we are the best that we can be!

For this year's CEDIA EXPO, we will be introducing the following new and innovative products:

Cabinet Duct System. This is a product designed to vent cabinets by defying the natural convection process. With this product, heat is pulled into tubing and then vented down and out the toe kick of the cabinet. This patent pending design and application is ideal for venting built -in cabinetry, fine cabinetry where side or top holes are not desireable, or in multi -bay cabinetry where venting can be very challenging. This system is easily installed and fully customizable so it will be ideal in a multitude of cabinet applications. - - - Patents Pending - - -

In -Wall and In -Ceiling Ducting Products. The in -wall collector boxes have been designed to be installed during construction of the home and allow for venting from a room, closet, or cabinet to another part of the house. The in -wall boxes will fit within a 2x4 wall and work in conjunction with our HiFlo and HiFlo Lite Fan Units. The ceiling boxes are for use in ceilings where there is more space and also in attics where insulated boxes are a must. All of the boxes are also accoustically treated to reduce noise and they utilize easy to work with 3" tubing.

Return Vent System. This is an extension of the Ducting Products but it has been designed to work with HVAC systems for the most efficient and preferred way of circulating and reprocessing hot air from components to the HVAC system. In the winter, this warm air is simply distributed through the HVAC and it utilized as part of the heat system and in the summer, the warm air is reprocessed through the air conditioning which is intended to convert warm air to cool air.

The system features a collector box, fan unit with four 92mm fans, and a grill with a filter for dust collection. This unit can also be thermostatically controlled as it is powered by DC voltage where other systems on the market are powered using high voltage systems that are loud and are more difficult to control. The fan unit is also servicable from inside the home instead of the attic or ceiling cavity. - - - Patent Pending - - -

Wood Grills for Existing Products. We are also introducing a full line of wood grills to go along with our HiFlo, HiFlo Lite, and Toe Kick Systems. These have been custom manufactured to perfectly match our fan units and be fully compatible with these systems. The grills are available in maple, oak, and teak and come unfinished so the finish can be matched to the cabinetry. These grills now provide for the most options available in that we now offer wood and plastic grills but utilizing the same fan units.

Rack Products and then Some More Rack Products!

This year we really focused a lot of effort on rack cooling products. We will be introducing two Rack Side Cooling Units which are used with two and four rail open racks. The units require no additional rack spaces and mount in seconds. One version features two 50mm fans and the other, a more aggressive four fans. - - - Patents Pending - - -

We are also introducing a 2RU version of our popular Universal Cooler. The Universal Cooler's claim to fame is that it is angled so more fans can be used while maintaining a minimal height. The 1RU Universal Cooler features six 50mm fans and the 2RU unit features four 92mm fans for a tremendous amount of airflow. The fans are also reversible so air can be drawn into, or out of a rack and the angle of the unit directs air either upwards or downwards. - - - Patents Pending - - -

Also for your racks, Temperature Displays. Now you will be able to monitor the temperatures in the rack with our 1RU Faceplate that has four temperature displays to monitor the entire rack to ensure that no areas or components are overheating. We are also introducing a 2RU faceplate that is vented and has one temperature display as well. To break from racks for a moment, we are also introducing a two display version for cabinets and other enclosures as well.

We still are not done with our rack products! All of our products are now compatible with standard vented faceplates. This allows our products to be used with any rack and anyone else's faceplates to keep that consistent look!

Game Box Coolers. Game boxes have become a major source of heat among today's components and there have been few solutions to cool them down. We offer specialty coolers to perfectly mate with Nintendo's Wii, Sony's PlayStation 3, and Microsoft's X -Box 360 and directly cool them -these products are even directly powered throught he USB ports on the boxes.

Temperature Based Speed Controls. While our Basic and Advanced Temperature Controllers have been great options when automated control is desired, we have now expanded the Basic Controller and are now offering two different versions. One version turns the fans on and off around 88oF and the other at 80oF. The difference is that the 80 degree unit is appropriate for closet or certain cabinet applications while the 88 degree unit is most appropriate for monitoring component temperatures.

We are also introducing a variable speed manual controller that would be appropriate for applications where only 12V DC is available. This is handy since the normal operating range of our products is between 5 and 9V DC so if there is only a 12V source, the speed of the fans can be adjusted using this very cost effective unit.

As you can tell, we have been extremely busy but the even better part is that all of these items will be shipping by the show of very shortly there after. We have also gotten very aggressive with our pricing and look forward to these products establishing Cool Components as the leader in the cooling market with the most comprehensive line of products available.

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