CodexNovus Holds "Introduction to Digital Media Library/Players Seminar at CEDIA Expo 2008

CodexNovus will host a live training seminar at CEDIA Expo 2008, Friday, September 5th from 4-5:30 p.m. in the Centennial H Room at the HyattRegency.

Technology and performance leader of High Definition media servers offers insight on applications,

digital rights management and selling media libraries

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. ─ August 27, 2008 ─ CodexNovus, the performance leader in stand -alone and networked High Definition media server and media player products, will host a live training seminar at CEDIA Expo 2008, Friday, September 5th from 4 -5:30 p.m. in the Centennial H Room at the Hyatt Regency. Conducted by company president and founder, Hugo Feugen and director of sales, Bill Johannesen, the interactive seminar -centered around CodexNovus' award -winning HDcodex Digital Media Library, Library/Players and Player -will provide training and insight on a number of topics including digital rights management, how to sell digital media library/players and an in -depth overview of set -up, installation and their proprietary Peer -to -Peer network configurations.

Helping CEDIA Certified Professionals maintain certification, attendees to the CodexNovus interactive seminar -a CEDIA -accredited seminar -will receive Continuing Education Units (CEU) for participation in the course.

Among the topics to be covered during the interactive seminar include:

* Legally managing and importing digital content to library/players
* Successfully selling media libraries to consumers
* CodexNovus Peer -to -Peer network operation and configuration
* Complete HDcodex set -up and installation
* User interface functionality and operation
* Using CodexNovus' proprietary browser interface
* Editing content and files

Attendees will experience first -hand CodexNovus' HDcodex product assortment, which provides a single home to store, organize and playback digital media collections in High -Definition video and audio. Utilizing CodexNovus' proprietary Peer -to -Peer architecture, the fully -expandable CodexNovus Peer -to -Peer Network allows unlimited combinations of CodexNovus' DMS -6000 Digital Media Library, award -winning Digital Media Library/Players and the Digital Media Player to be configured into an extensive, robust network for a completely flexible, upgradeable whole house accessible multimedia library. The massive Stadium Digital Media Library/Player stores approximately 600 DVD's or 5,000 CD's in lossless 5.1 and 7.1 digital audio and HD video resolutions of 1920 x 1080p and beyond at a suggested retail price of $6,799. The mid -size Concert Digital Media Library/Player stores approximately 450 DVD's or 3,750 CD's at a suggested retail price of $5,499, while the budget -conscious Theater Digital Media Library/Player stores approximately 300 DVD's or 2,500 CD's at a suggested retail price of $3,999.

All CodexNovus Digital Media Library/Players are built around the powerful, proprietary HDcodex software architecture. Eliminating the time and frustration of searching through media collections, HDcodex empowers users by giving them the ability to consolidate, catalog and organize their video, music and picture media libraries using an interface that is so elegant and simple that everyone in the family will feel comfortable using it. Browse all stored media, music, movies or images regardless the format or network location, easily and uniformly through the HDcodex on -screen user interface. Additionally, CodexNovus' HDcodex enhances the experience of browsing through the stored media collection by providing detailed metadata -artist, album, genre, and style information -on thousands of albums and movies.

In addition to the CodexNovus interactive seminar, CEDIA Expo 2008 attendees can experience CodexNovus performance and functionality at the following venues:

Experience the Planar theater with HD video playback powered by CodexNovus, meet the CodexNovus team along side the theater and get hands on with the products in the Planar/Runco booth #510
Visit the Stewart Filmscreen booth #549 and experience HD video playback powered by CodexNovus
Experience the Wolf Cinema theater in the Sumiko booth #813 with HD video playback powered by CodexNovus

Talking Points

* CodexNovus introduces the DMS -6000 Digital Media Server with 6TB of storage and distribution
* CodexNovus will hold an interactive seminar on Friday, September 5th from 4 -5:30 p.m. in the Hyatt Regency at CEDIA Expo 2008.
* The seminar will be led by company president and founder Hugo Feugen and director of sales Bill Johannesen.
* CodexNovus will provide training on topics including legally managing and importing digital content, how to sell media libraries as well as an in -depth guide to set -up and installation, user interface operation & functionality and Peer -to -Peer network operation and configuration of its award -winning HDcodex products.
* Attendees will receive CEUs for participation in the CEDIA -accredited course.

About CodexNovus

CodexNovus is a producer of leading -edge media server products and technology designed to embrace the ever -growing world of digital content in both the residential and commercial markets. The company's mission is to open up the world of stunningly beautiful High Definition imagery and multi -channel audio by offering affordable media servers which allow instant access to complete, digital media libraries. As a small, specialized company, CodexNovus is committed to the ultimate level of personalized customer service including a core ideology of providing easily expandable and upgradeable products, insuring owners of CodexNovus products that they have invested in a system designed against near -term obsolescence.

Based in Champaign, Ill., CodexNovus was founded in March of 2000 by Hugo Feugen. An accomplished and imaginative software designer, Feugen had previously been the CEO of the company that developed and advanced Flight Simulator - - -later sold to Microsoft - -which remains Microsoft's biggest selling software package outside of its word processing/spread sheet applications and operating systems.

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