Wisdom Audio Launches In -Wall/In -Ceiling Subwoofer for the Award -Nominated High -End Sage Series Audio System Line at 2008 CEDIA Expo

The Dynamic, Highly Efficient, CI Installer-Friendly S90i In-Wall/In-Ceiling Sage Series Subwoofer Provides Reference Quality, Category-Leading Bass Performance

CARSON CITY, Nev., August 18, 2008 - Wisdom Audio (www.wisdomaudio.com), the leader in planar magnetic technologies, is proud to announce that it will launch the new S90i in -wall/in -ceiling Sage Series subwoofer at the 2008 CEDIA Expo, held in Denver from Sept. 4 -7 at the Colorado Convention Center, booth SR -16. The dynamic, highly efficient, custom installer friendly S90i provides reference quality, category -leading bass performance in conjunction with the new award -nominated Sage Series line of speakers and electronics.

"We are delighted with the class -leading performance of the Sage S90i subwoofer," said Mark Glazier, Wisdom Audio president. "It transcends the previous limitations of in -wall subwoofer designs and ideally complements our Sage Series planar magnetic loudspeaker systems. Finally, there is a high -end subwoofer solution for customers who desire fully -integrated speaker systems with no -compromise performance."

The dynamic Sage Series S90i in -wall/in -ceiling subwoofer's highly efficient design yields fast, articulate results with accurate timbre. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the rack -mountable Sage Series SA -1 amplifier, which incorporates unique infrasonic filter characteristics for optimal operation of the S90i. Each SA -1 can drive two S90i units, with more than 500 watts available for each subwoofer. Also, when used in a Sage Series speaker system, Audyssey™ room correction is provided via the SC -1 system controller, further optimizing the S90i in -room response.

"We examined all types of transducer and cabinet loading options to determine a design that would complement the extraordinary dynamics and low distortion of our in -wall planar magnetic systems," added David Graebener, Wisdom Audio executive vice president. "The regenerative line design proved to be our best option for ensuring a high performance, no -compromise low frequency solution when installed in a stud bay, ceiling, or floor."

The S90i's novel dual woofer, regenerative line design takes full advantage of stud bay space to achieve high -end performance. The 90 -inches H x 14 -inches W x 5.5 -inches D S90i subwoofer occupies a full 2 -inch x 6 -inch stud bay and can be mounted in -ceiling, in -wall, under risers, in closets, and in floors. This S90i is a rare example of a custom -centric design that offers competitive results versus freestanding options and is ideally suited to being custom installed and hidden due to its size. The S90i's superb performance characteristics, which include flat response to 20 Hz with usable in -room energy down to 17 Hz at sound pressure levels in excess of 110 dB, would be too large in a freestanding version for typical domestic environments.

Scheduled to ship prior to the 2008 CEDIA Expo, Wisdom Audio will bring to market more than a dozen Sage Series models, encompassing in -wall, on -wall and freestanding versions of most configurations ranging from 20 inches to 76 inches tall. Multiple center channels, the in -wall subwoofer, integrated Audyssey Laboratories™ room correction software, and dedicated electronics round out the new product offerings. Sage Series speakers incorporate new generation proprietary thin film planar magnetic drivers which allow for its narrow and shallow physical characteristics, thus permitting the unprecedented possibility of the same driver complement and back box to be used for such varied applications, ranging from in -wall to freestanding.

"We are confident that dealers will recognize the unique solution offered by the S90i, which complements not only Sage Series systems, but any system in which the customer demands a fully integrated speaker solution…including the subwoofer," concluded Jon Herron, Wisdom Audio vice president, sales. "Previously, in -wall subwoofers presented a significant performance compromise when it came to offering a completely integrated, in -wall speaker system. The S90i is a 'game changer' which offers a level of performance that was not previously available. We are thrilled to add this model to our Sage lineup."

Pricing and availability for the S90i subwoofer are TBD. Wisdom will release this information as it becomes available.

For more information, please visit www.wisdomaudio.com or call (775) 887 -8850.

About Wisdom Audio
Wisdom Audio is the leader in designing and manufacturing high -performance planar -magnetic transducers with more than 85 man years experience on staff. Wisdom Audio was founded in 1996 to create no -compromise planar loudspeaker systems for the most demanding and critical audiophiles. Wisdom Audio systems employ proprietary, custom -made planar magnetic and dynamic transducers optimized for high -performance, high -end audio reproduction applications. Its hybrid -technology systems have earned praise from the specialized media, earning them the coveted "Golden Ear" award from The Absolute Sound while satisfying a growing base of customers and dealers worldwide.

Wisdom Audio's line of planar -hybrid loudspeaker solutions range from the Sage Series architectural products that include the world's most advanced in -wall speaker systems and culminate with the flagship Infinite Wisdom Grande, among the world's most expensive home loudspeaker systems. Wisdom Audio products are handcrafted in limited quantities by specialized craftsmen at its headquarters in Carson City, Nevada.

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