Denver, CO (CEDIA EXPO) August 17, 2008 - Qsonix, developer of the simplest and fastest drag -and -drop user interface in digital music management systems, will demonstrate their award -winning Series 110 touch screen based systems and new Version 2.45 software in booth #906 at CEDIA EXPO 2008 in Denver, Colorado.

The new Version 2.45 showcases three major upgrades; the MusicGiants™ built -in music store with even more search features, new .flac lossless format import and optional .wav uncompressed storage format support.

EXPO attendees will have plenty of fun as they play with the touch screen enabled drag -and -drop systems being demonstrated. Users will experience an uncluttered non -technical graphical user interface (GUI), which provides built -in help and access to all features and functions.

The Qsonix system is available two variations, a sleek desktop series (Q110) or nostalgic jukebox (QJB -110) models. The authentic handcrafted solid walnut and die cast metal exterior jukebox is world's first multi -room capable jukebox music management system and the centerpiece of every party and home entertainment experience. The all -in -one QJB -110 jukebox includes built -in sound, so just plug it in and let the party begin!

"Our integrators and dealers share over and over again how their clients rave about the enjoyment they have with our systems," said Mike Weaver, president and co -founder of Qsonix. "The Qsonix Music Management system is the pinnacle of every party and a part of daily family home entertainment."

The Qsonix Q110 tabletop system is now available with a 15" (model TS15) or 17" (model TS17) touch screen controller and hard drive which can easily mount out of sight into a media equipment rack or center. The Q110 library will manage up to 4,200 CDs in high -quality lossless mode and up to 18,000 CDs in compressed mode.

The stunning QJB110 jukebox system operates as a stand -alone jukebox music system with built -in 350w amp, speakers and subwoofer and as a multi -zone system that can be shared throughout the home. The QJB110 Jukebox stores up to 9,000 CDs in compressed format or 1,500 in lossless CD quality.

The new Version 2.45 software enhancement adds even more search features in their recently introduced MusicGiants™ robust, high -quality HD Download Store with one -touch immediate access. Users can now search by tracks in addition to searching by albums and artists. With Qsonix's Album Browser™ drag -and -drop interface, customers can quickly browse, sample, purchase and play high quality music selections from the MusicGiants' premium library of near 1 million audio tracks available today, and growing daily.

The network and external USB drive import functions now fully support the popular .flac lossless file format when importing media to the system. In addition, the Qsonix CD loading system now supports an optional new CD loading .WAV -uncompressed quality setting for audiophile clients or installations that specify prefer the .wav -uncompressed format. Qsonix recommends the Windows Media Audio (WMA) lossless compression format to deliver a bit -for -bit match of the original CD to maximize the systems storage capabilities.

About Qsonix
Located in Westlake Village, California, Qsonix is a market innovator and leader in providing user -friendly digital media technologies. With its world -class user interface, Qsonix offers the most reliable and truly friendly digital music management systems available. Consumers and businesses alike can quickly and easily store, organize and playback music without the hassle.

For additional information about Qsonix and its innovative products, please visit www.qsonix.com or contact Mike Weaver, President/co -founder at mike@qsonix.com, 877 -4QSONIX or 877 -477 -6649. High -resolution product images and specifications are available at www.qsonix.com/press

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Roberta Lewis • Roberta Lewis & Assoc. Public Relations
Tel. 713/665 -8758 • Email: rlewis@robertalewis.com

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