Cinemar Offers Green Energy Solutions to its Customers

Reduce Energy Costs and Carbon Footprint

Kenosha, Wisconsin, United States, 08/15/2008 - Cinemar Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of affordable home automation and media management solutions since 2002, has announced support for Energy, Inc.'s TED (The Energy Detective) line of energy saving products. TED allows you to see your entire electricity usage at a glance in real -time. Display your energy usage in kilowatts, CO2 or dollars and cents. Better budget your electricity dollars by monitoring the costs associated with leaving lights or electrical devices on. TED can be a great visual learning tool for you and your family. It will assist you in the reduction of energy costs and overall carbon footprint.

Cinemar's driver communicates directly with TED's Footprints software to deliver energy usage information to all supported user interface devices. A variety of predesigned graphical meters and gauges can be tied to the data for a completely customized interface. Display over forty up -to -the -second energy use and cost data items in an understandable and easy -to -read format. Historical data for up to thirteen months can also be displayed.

Cinemar CEO Mario Cascio stated, "With rising energy costs, it's great to offer homeowners a solution that can actually save them money. The ability to see your projected bill before it arrives encourages the conservation of energy and puts the homeowner back in control."

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About Cinemar Solutions, Inc.
Cinemar Solutions, Inc. offers home automation and media management solutions to the budget conscious. Cinemar's affordable and easy -to -use Windows based products control multiple systems from a single customizable interface. Visit for more information.

About Energy, Inc.
Energy, Inc. designs and manufactures real -time electricity management devices for residential and commercial use. Their flagship product is a user -friendly, accurate monitor aptly named TED - The Energy Detective. Operating under patented and proprietary technology, Energy, Inc. is focused on assisting homeowners, businesses, and electric utilities interested in conservation and reducing demand during peak periods. Energy, Inc. is a privately held corporation based in Charleston, South Carolina. Visit for more information.

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