New module offers a low cost interface to an Insteon® system with a Bluetooth® to Insteon® gateway module. Your cell phone just became your control interface, compare that to buying a handheld RF touchscreen interface for everyone in your household.




Fort Lauderdale, FL Nov 1, 2008 - New module now offers a low cost interface to an Insteon® system with a Bluetooth® to Insteon® gateway module. BlueKey offers direct remote control from the cell phone to the device via Bluetooth® without the need for a network connection and works with most handsets on the market. This interface module works with the BlueKey® proprietary remote control system for cell phones via a Bluetooth connection providing up to 300 feet of open -air range communications. The BlueKey® BK -INS01 Bluetooth Insteon Interface is designed as a basic controller connecting directly to the Insteon 2412S PLM module for control of either Insteon or X10 modules. This new product will be introduced at the upcoming EHX show in Long Beach, CA November 2008 with target price of $125.00.

The BlueKey® technology allows a Bluetooth® mobile device to remote control almost any device while utilizing proprietary GUI Java applications and matching BlueKey transceiver and acts as a bridge between the mobile device and various systems.

The BlueKey® technology changes the paradigm of a limited centralized use of remote controls into a common transportable device enabling a Standardized format for ALL remote controllable products. The user for the first time will have the ability to control and operate devices in your primary home, secondary home, multiple vehicles, traffic gates, security access at the office and other daily controlling scenarios.

Insteon®, a brand of SmartLabs Inc. is considered the upscale standard for powerline carrier remote control technologies and is widely used by the home control industry and DIY markets. The Insteon® system allows lighting, HVAC and appliance control by using low cost and simple to install modules. Insteon® is also compatible with the X10 protocol standard, which is similar in function although considered a less reliable technology.

BlueKey® Wireless Systems also manufactures a universal gateway module which offers the same basics features as the BK -INS01 but also includes serial TTL, RS232, RS485, and dry contacts to interface with any type system.

The BlueKey® technology allows the cell phone to unlock your vehicle, open the garage door and operate the house lights. Even better, control multiples homes and vehicles with only your cell phone and the flexible and configurable user interface can be custom labeled for up to 82 commands!

"BlueKey Wireless Systems has spent years developing the hardware and application software technology based on Java enhanced mobile devices and Bluetooth being standard on all mobile devices", as stated by it's CVO Jay Cullimore. "We have been involved very tightly and watching the development of mobile device platform standards be employed and are now manufacturing and developing products for easy adoption into the market"

The company also licenses target reference designs to manufacturers worldwide vertical markets such as; Security, Automotive, Access control, A/V Appliances, Door/Gate operators, Home/Commercial controls, Monitoring, Medical, and Instrumentation.

BlueKey Wireless Systems Inc. is located in Fl. Lauderdale Florida and a leading developer of remote control technologies, which enable mobile devices to perform remote control and other integrated functions. The company has filed multiple Patents for their technologies.

Look for more information on BlueKey Wireless products at www.BlueKeyWireless.com

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Jay Cullimore
CVO, Pres. Controls Division
Office (954) 670 -1600

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