H -P Products, Inc. Provides New Profit Center for Integrators

Central vacuum products provide opportunities for new and existing customers.

H -P Products, Inc. Provides New Profit Center for Integrators

Central vacuum products provide opportunities for new and existing customers.

DENVER - CEDIA EXPO 2008 - September 3 -7, 2008 - Home sales may be slowing down, but remodeling is still going strong and is expected to continue showing solid growth. H -P Products, Inc., the premier manufacturer of Dirt Devil®, VACUFLO® and Vroom™ central vacuum systems is re -introducing the central vacuum category for consumers.

"Integrators are always looking for another subsystem to go into homes, and with the market slowing down now, integrators have a little more time to add -on to their profit center," says Wally Whinna, Vice President of Marketing for home integrations provider AVAD.

Whinna sees consumer spending towards products that offer both convenience and solutions to everyday needs, and suggests integrators look to supply the demand with central vacuum cleaners, including the exciting, new Vroom product.

"There are only so many customers -but because there is nothing out there like the Vroom, it gives dealers a reason to call past customers, to get them excited about it and get into the homes. It will open up a whole new category to customers and integrators who are already familiar with the Dirt Devil® lines."

The Vroom comes in two forms; the Vroom Central for use with already existing central vacuum systems and a Vroom Solo for homeowners who have never experienced a central vacuum system before. Both units are installed in the cabinetry of high traffic areas of a home, and combine this convenient location with the ability to clean up dry spills without taking the time to gather paper towels, brooms and additional cleaning supplies to give users a "three -second clean."

Hide -A -Hose
With the Hide -A -Hose System, users simply pull out the length of hose needed for their cleaning job, connect the TurboCat® Zoom powerhead and begin vacuuming. When finished, the system harnesses the suction from the central vacuum power unit to retract the hose back into the PVC tubing installed within the walls of the home. Since each inlet valve conceals up to 50' of hose (stored in the tubing) within the walls, the total number of inlet valves needed is reduced.

MaxAir Power Unit
Integrators can add more profit and higher customer satisfaction by incorporating H -P Products' MaxAir system into their designs. The dual -motor MaxAir is the only power unit in the central vacuum industry designed specifically for the Hide -A -Hose System. It is also the optimal choice for large system applications up to 22,000 sq. ft.

Similar to the VACUFLO and Dirt Devil® Systems, MaxAir is designed using Cyclonic Filtration Technology, which delivers maximum vacuum power every time for deep thorough cleaning without clogging. Unlike systems that rely on permanent cloth filter and bags, the performance of MaxAir units will not decrease as dirt accumulates.

For more information on Hide -A -Hose, visit www.hideahose.biz
For more information on MaxAir, visit www.cleanstartshere.com
For more information on Vroom and a video demonstration, see www.vroomyourroom.com.

H -P Products, Inc. is based in Louisville, Ohio and is a leading manufacturer of built -in central vacuum systems and tubular products. Celebrating 55 years of manufacturing expertise, some of the company's best -known products are the VACUFLO® and Dirt Devil® lines of central vacuums. In 1955, H -P Products, Inc. introduced VACUFLO®, the first residential built -in central vacuum system with a patented True Cyclonic® process requiring no bags or filters. A customer -driven company, H -P Products offers versatile accessories and kits for its diverse product lines to meet ever -changing needs. For more information on H -P Products' full line of central vacuum system products, accessories and quality policy, see the company website at www.hpproducts.net .

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