Cooper Wiring Devices announces new Aspire RF products at CEDIA '08

Cooper Wiring Devices announced it will be showing exciting new additions to its ASPIRE RF™ wireless control system at the 2008 CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design and Installation) Expo in Denver, Colorado from September 3-7.

PEACHTREE CITY, GA., August 11, 2008 - Cooper Wiring Devices announced it will be showing exciting new additions to its ASPIRE RF™ wireless control system at the 2008 CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design and Installation) Expo in Denver, Colorado from September 3 -7. New ASPIRE RF products being introduced include 2 -wire dimmers, switches and accessories that are designed for enhanced retrofit capabilities. Another new product, the ASPIRE RF Ethernet Bridge, will be introduced at the show. The ASPIRE RF Ethernet Bridge allows secure ASPIRE RF system access via the internet, providing remote access from any location. Cooper's exciting new Ethernet Bridge allows homeowners and system designers to change and customize settings and scenes without having to physically be in the home. In addition, a new keyless garage door entry system will be introduced.

Aspire RF will be the focus of attention at Cooper Wiring Devices' exhibitor booth (#377), as the company looks to educate and train a wide variety of installers, integrators, and other industry professionals on the advantages the ASPIRE RF offers their customers and how it can help them to grow their businesses.

"ASPIRE RF offers a highly reliable, interoperable wireless lighting control system complementing homeowners' style and design preferences," said Jason Sherrill, Product Manager at Cooper Wiring Devices. "A truly elegant look and feel, combined with ease of use and intuitive programming makes ASPIRE RF the best choice for any residential integrator."

The ASPIRE RF wireless control system, powered by Z -Wave® technology, features a full line of switches, receptacles, dimmers, scene controls, remote controls, accessories and screwless wall plates. All products are interoperable, and are fully compatible with a wide range of products from other Z -Wave manufacturers. The entire system is controlled with the press of a single button on a remote control, and can be joined with other devices to create "events" or "scenes" that offer ambience, security, convenience and energy savings.
Cooper Wiring Devices has brought a genuine commitment to the certified residential electronics professional with the introduction of ASPIRE RF to the custom electronics market. With an emphasis on training and customer service, Cooper has consistently made its name as an industry leader by partnering with its customers to ensure the value and quality of every installation. Cooper Wiring Devices is a division of Cooper Industries, which is currently celebrating its 175th anniversary.

"The added value associated with the Cooper name provides a considerable competitive advantage to our customers," said Bill Johnson, new Director of Technology Sales at Cooper Wiring Devices. "The ASPIRE RF wireless control system is technologically advanced, ergonomically superior and offers the ultimate in wireless control convenience," he continued. "A long -term commitment towards quality products and innovative design has been Cooper's mission for its 175 years, and will continue to drive us to be the pre -eminent leader in wireless electronic customization."

Featured Product

 BLE2 Series Brushless Motor & Driver

BLE2 Series Brushless Motor & Driver

The BLE2 Series replaces our popular BLE Series and continues our brushless motor advantages by featuring an all new compact, high-power and high-efficiency brushless DC motor combined with a Driver that can be digitally set and controlled via external DC voltage or by the front panel. The BLE2 Series can easily compete with larger 3-phase inverter driven motors in many more applications, with built-in simple holding torque function, saving space and increasing performance thanks to the advantages of a brushless motor design. The BLE2 Series has a maximum speed of 4000 r/min, achieving a speed ratio of 1:50 (80 to 4000 r/min). The new motor structure is small than previous models and enables high power and high efficiency while incorporating easy setting, installation and wiring. The new motor connector offers IP66 degree of protection and allows for easy and direct connection between motor and driver with two available orientation of cable outlet direction.