iCONECT and Content Analyst Automate Document Organization

Los Angeles, CA (July 30, 2008) - iCONECT® Development, LLC announced an integration with Content Analyst Company, LLC that automatically identifies related documents and groups them into folders in iCONECT software so your document collection is org

Content Analyst works by analyzing entire documents - based on concepts versus keyword or search terms - so it will identify appropriate categories and appropriate documents even if key terms aren't present in those documents. This technology is also very resistant to typographical and transcription errors - like OCR errors - so documents can be correctly grouped and clustered despite inadvertent or even deliberate misspellings.

"We are excited that iCONECT has selected Content Analyst's unique Dynamic Clustering and Categorization capabilities to help their partners and end -users reduce the time and cost of document review," said Kurt Michel, President of Content Analyst Company. "We look forward to working with the iCONECT team and their industry leading partners to bring the power of Content Analyst's advanced analytics to the thousands of attorneys using iCONECT software."

In iCONECT, a folder is created for each category to hold related documents. Categories can also be nested, which translates into parent and child folders for more -efficient grouping. For example, you might have a folder labeled "Financial" with subfolders for "Loans", "Cash Flow", "Accounts Receivable" and so on.
iCONECT users can simply retrieve the folder for the category they have been assigned and get a head start on the review process. This also ensures a more consistent review because all documents related to a specific category are reviewed together.
"We recognize that document reviews are the most time -consuming challenge for our clients, so we continue to focus on improving review workflow with new integrations and new review features designed to save time," said Ian Campbell, Chief Operating Officer of iCONECT Development, LLC. "The Content Analyst integration is another enhancement that we are excited to offer to our clients."
iCONECT review features include native file viewing, bulk review options, keyboard shortcuts, metrics reports, and extensive Oracle -powered search capabilities. iCONECT's secure web -based access also supports the review process by enabling counsel and staff located in multiple locations to review the same documents. In addition, e -mails and attachments are organized into parent -child groups for more efficient review.
With a diverse suite of products including nXT™, nXT+, and eXT™, iCONECT provides clients with a variety of options to fit their needs. nXT and nXT+ are fully integrated with other leading products such as LiveNote, IPRO, CaseMap and Equivio, as well as Content Analyst, to form a core part of a total litigation support solution. eXT allows firms to leverage their existing Oracle infrastructure and gain all the benefits of iCONECT technology.
To learn more, send an e -mail to info@iconect.com.
About Content Analyst:
Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, Content Analyst® is a leader of advanced search tools and technology. Content Analyst's software, which includes patented Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) technology, provides advanced, conceptual -based search and document analysis for a wide range of customers, from highly -classified intelligence installations to world -class publishers to cutting -edge eDiscovery providers. For all these customers, Content Analyst Technology exponentially reduces the time needed to discern relevant information from large volumes of documents and data. To learn more about how Content Analyst helps organizations improve productivity and speed the discovery, analysis, and delivery of information, visit their website at http://www.contentanalyst.com, or email info@contentanalyst.com.
About iCONECT Development, LLC:
iCONECT Development, LLC is a world leader in litigation support and collaboration software, with products used by law firms, corporate legal departments, Fortune 500 corporations, government agencies, and medical firms. Powered by Oracle technology, iCONECT's LAN, Web, and Offline solutions enable more than 50,000 end users to review and manage electronic and document discovery from anywhere in the world for effective collaboration with outside counsel, branch offices, and consultants.
Awards include: Honorable Mention Winner (Oracle 2007 North America Titan Awards), #1 Online Document Repository (AmLaw Tech Survey), #1 Litigation Support Software (Law Technology News Awards), and #1 Web -Based Litigation Software (AmLaw Tech Survey).
For more information, or if you would like to schedule a free demo, visit www.iconect.com or send an e -mail to info@iconect.com.
Content Analyst Media Contact:
Rich Turner
e. rturner@contentanalyst.com
t. 703 -391 -8700 ext. 108
iCONECT Media Contact: Victoria Lladoc
e. vlladoc@iconect.com
t. 310.643.8555
iCONECT is a registered trademark of iCONECT Development, LLC. All brand names are either trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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