INNOVOLT INC. ANNOUNCES ATTENDANCE AT CEDIA EXPO 2008 Superior Protection, Advanced Diagnostics and Energy Monitoring Revolutionizes Power Protection for the Electronics Industry

ATLANTA (July 23, 2008) - Innovolt Inc., an Atlanta -based Georgia Tech ATDC (Advanced Technology Development Center) company, announces today their attendance at CEDIA EXPO 2008 to showcase their revolutionary surge protection technology that marks the first major advancement for the market in more than 20 years.

The new product line utilizes patent pending CVSSTM (Current & Voltage Surge Suppressor) technology - a revolutionary development that protects electronic equipment against potentially damaging power disturbances such as voltage surges, current surges and under/over -voltage. Surge protectors available on the market today are made with TVSS (Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor) technology and are designed to only protect against short duration voltage surges caused by lightning strikes, a phenomenon that represents less than one percent of all measured power disturbances. Consumers, when they purchase a TVSS surge protector, expect that it will protect their electronics equipment against all types of power disturbances, not just rare lightning strikes.

Innovolt's new CVSS products offer complete power protection at an affordable price. Additionally, advanced diagnostics and energy monitoring functions, made possible through the use of microprocessors, provide end -users and service providers with information to reduce unscheduled downtime and to reduce total cost of ownership. Innovolt also brings power protection into today's green movement. The diagnostic functions can provide an energy consumption profile, giving office managers and home owners an automated tool for conveniently monitoring and minimizing energy costs. Innovolt stands behind smarter protection for smarter electronics.

Suresh Sharma, President & Chief Executive Officer of Innovolt said, "Most people own surge protectors but are unaware they are only protecting their equipment against lightning strikes, representing less than one percent of power disturbances. As a result, equipment continues to fail with 'power surges' taking the lion's share of the blame, even though surge protectors are typically deployed. Surge protection technology has not changed in more 20 years even as digital and video electronics have been revolutionized. In our mind this represents a significant market gap that Innovolt is directly addressing."

Dr. Deepak Divan, Chairman and Chief Innovation Officer, founded Innovolt in 2005 after recognizing the need for better surge protection suitable for the 21st century. "Today's sophisticated electronics are susceptible to power disturbances and require equally sophisticated protection. Innovolt's CVSS is a cutting -edge solution that economically meets the market need," Divan said. Commenting on the unique value offered by the CVSS, Divan indicated that "the smart technology behind Innovolt products delivers safety, security and peace of mind to users. Advanced diagnostics, energy monitoring and reporting functions enable identification of when a problem has occurred and how the problem should be addressed, potentially saving hours of time and money."

Innovolt Inc., a global leader in power protection innovation, has revolutionized the industry with the development of cutting -edge surge suppression devices for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, OEM, and Utility customers. Innovolt's power protection technology protects electronic products not only against lightning strikes, but against more common occurrences such as current in -rush surges that flow from the power grid into electronics equipment, weakening and often damaging it. The founders and creators of Innovolt are committed to providing the marketplace with next generation products that are not only state -of -the -art, but affordable. Innovolt operates with integrity, growth vision and strong work ethic as its core values. Based in Atlanta, Innovolt is an Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) company, with global ties. For more information about this innovative company, visit

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