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CEDIA EXPO 2008 BTX Technologies Inc. Booth 901

Company Overview:

BTX Technologies is the premier manufacturer and value -added distributor of professional -grade products used to interface and integrate A/V, broadcast, home theater, data, and security systems. Celebrating its 41st anniversary, BTX combines award -winning, cutting -edge solutions with unmatched technical knowledge and customer service to bring innovation and value to its customers. Call 800 -666 -0996 to request a free catalog or visit BTX at

New Products on Display at CEDIA EXPO 2008:

EXPAND -ON Sleeving Applicator
BTX introduces the EXPAND -ON, a new patent -pending machine that eliminates the tedious process of applying expandable sleeving to a cable bundle. Designed to work with cable bundles of 50 feet, 100 feet, and much longer, and accommodating sleeving ranging from ½ inch to 1 ¾ inches, this new machine reduces the time it takes to apply expandable sleeving from hours to a few minutes, saving installers both time and money. Installers simply load the sleeving over the tube, push the wire bundle through the inside of the tube until it appears out of the other end, and then pull both the sleeving and wire bundle together to the desired length.

Three different EXPAND -ON kits are available for installers. The Deluxe Kit features a base unit, a stand on which to mount the machine, and a full set of tubes. The Complete Kit includes a base unit that can be mounted to a standard bench and a full set of tubes. The Single Kit consists of the base unit and the most popular 1 -inch tube.

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Also on Display at CEDIA EXPO 2008:

MaxBlox™ EZ Termination System:

MaxBlox™ DB9 Connectors
BTX Technologies, winner of the 2005 CEDIA "Manufacturers' Excellence Award," will be showcasing the MaxBlox™ CD -MX9M (male) and CD -MX9F (female) DB9 connectors. Building on the technology of BTX's previous solutions, the CD -MX9M and CD -MX9F are patent -pending professional nine -pin D -sub connectors that feature an innovative and rugged design, allowing installers to terminate a DB9 with just a screwdriver.

The connectors can be panel - or cable -mounted in a MaxBlox CD -MX915H hood in a fraction of the time it would take to solder, saving installers both time and money. When used in conjunction with the hood, these connectors simply slide, snap, and lock into the hood without the use of tools.

Optimized for use in any RS -232 or RS -422 applications, the DB9 connectors are manufactured by BTX with genuine Phoenix Contact® terminal blocks, the industry standard for reliability. They are also available in HD15 male and female for VGA applications.

Product Photo: -MX9F

MaxBlox™ CD -MX915HH
When mounting a D -sub connector to a device, plate, or panel, the only way to achieve proper strain relief is to use a full -size hood or to tie off the wire to a rack rail using a cable tie. However, the width of the hood usually does not allow installers to mount the connectors side by side, and the depth of the hood is sometimes too long to fit behind a wall when mounted to a plate.

To solve this problem, BTX introduced the MaxBlox™ CD -MX915HH half -hood, which acts as a full -size hood but within a much smaller footprint. The CD -MX915HH is the exact same width as the MaxBlox D -sub connector, making it ideal for any high -density application where numerous MaxBlox D -subs need to be mounted side by side. In addition, a small slotted tray extends out the back of the CD -MX915HH, providing the perfect place to secure the wire with a standard cable tie for the ultimate strain relief. The CD -MX915HH works exclusively with BTX's patent -pending MaxBlox D -sub connectors.

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MaxBlox™ CD -MX15
The MaxBlox™ CD -MX15M (male) and CD -MX15F (female) by BTX Technologies are professional cable -mount and panel -mount high -density 15 -pin (HD15) VGA connectors.

Ideal for A/V applications, the CD -MX15M and CD -MX15F connectors offer a shorter length and height than any similar product on the market and are manufactured with Phoenix Contact® terminal blocks, the industry standard for reliability. The connectors accommodate a wide range of wire diameters, from .120 inch to .500 inch, and can be panel -mounted as stand -alone connectors or cable -mounted when used with the included CD -MX159H clamshell hood.

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MaxBlox™ CA -MX35
BTX will also showcase the world's first solderless 3.5 -mm stereo connector that fits in a standard half -inch D -style punch. Ideal for computer audio and designed to save both time and money, the easy -to -terminate MaxBlox™ CA -MX35 solderless panel -mount connector eliminates soldering with the use of a genuine Phoenix Contact® terminal block in place of the solder tabs. This patent -pending connector rear -mounts to a plate or panel.

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New Catalog and Expanding New Lines
BTX has recently released its 2008 catalog. This "must -have" 200 -page color book contains thousands of products and technical information to save time and money for systems contractors and OEMs in the A/V, digital signage, broadcast, residential, security, and data markets. In addition, the catalog features greatly expanded product offerings from new and existing vendors, including Belden, Gefen, Marshall, Peerless, Intelix, Kramer, Soundog®, Neutrik, ADC, ICM, Ideal, Techflex, Caddy, and many others.

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Visit BTX Technologies at CEDIA EXPO 2008 Booth 901 to learn more about these time -saving solutions.


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