GeckoSystems Lowers Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation Costs

GeckoSystems has lowered mobile robot navigation system costs while improving safety and overall performance with the introduction of their CompoundedSensorArray™ 5.2.

ATLANTA, GA, July 22, 2008 (WORLD STOCK WIRE) - - GeckoSystems Intl. Corp. (PINKSHEETS: GCKO) announced today that they have further lowered mobile robot navigation system costs while improving safety and overall performance with the introduction of their CompoundedSensorArray™ 5.2. GeckoSystems is a dynamic leader in the emerging Mobile Service Robot industry revolutionizing their development and usage with mobile robot solutions for safety, security, and service.™

The new, higher scanning rate of the CompoundedSensorArray creates more "virtual sensors" for faster detection of static and/or dynamic obstacles for more adaptive intelligent mobile robots. "Our situationally aware, self -navigation AI software, GeckoNav™, now performs even more reliably. Higher 'loose crowd' passage speeds now enable faster payback for our customers in the consumer, professional healthcare, public safety/security, commercial/homeland security, and defense marketplaces while increasing ROI for our investors," remarked R. Martin Spencer, President/CEO.

Previously there were 250 virtual infrared rangefinders generated by 10 sensor/emitter pairs in 25 discrete, interleaved positions over a 180+ degree field of view. Now there are 400+ - -within the same time interval.

About GeckoSystems International Corporation:
In the ten years since founding, the Company has developed a suite of proprietary, fundamental technologies that enable their robots to automatically self -navigate the home or workplace using advanced sense and avoid technologies for reliable, unattended collision avoidance while patrolling, following and/or seeking preset destinations. Their plethora of sensor fusion technologies enables extraordinary levels of situational awareness. These scientifically developed, tested, and proven hardware and software breakthroughs enable the practical, low cost manufacture, sale and usage of mobile service robots in a variety of environments.

The Company's suite of fundamental mobile robot technologies include: CompoundedSensorArray™ (a new type of optical range finding and vision system), GeckoSPIO™ (an advanced networkable, high I/O count robot controller board), GeckoOrient™ (a sensor fused positioning subsystem), GeckoNav™ (an automatic, self -navigation AI engine for MSR's), GeckoTrak™ (an automatic person following systems), GeckoZap™ (a test, calibrate, and debug software suite), and GeckoChat™ (a verbal interaction system that enables timely verbal reminders, monologues, dialogues, and customizable robotic personalities).

The Company's mobile robot solutions are appropriate for the consumer, professional healthcare, commercial security and defense markets.

The consumer has needs for family care assistance with remote monitoring and notification. This is for family care for the elderly, chronically ill, and children. Since GeckoTrak™ enables the CareBot to automatically follow a designated care receiver using sensor fusion; it allows the caregiver to remotely see how they are doing using the onboard wireless webcam. Should the designated family member not respond to their CareBot's inquiries the caregivers would be contacted by GeckoChat™ forthwith by telephone.

Professional healthcare needs cost effective night time errand running, portable telemedicine, etc., enabling specialist nurses to be more efficient and productive with less work by allowing them to video conference (telepresence) doctors for more timely, "on the spot," diagnosis of patients. The CareBotPro™ can carry all the specialized supplies and equipment the IV or wound care nursing specialists might need. At night the MSR can deliver bedpans, medications, even take vital signs, etc. to those in need while the night shift nurses are busy with a crisis, or other important duties on their wing or floor.

Homeland Security needs mobile robots patrolling public venues with WMD and small arms weapon detect. This deployment would dramatically improve public safety in our post 9/11 world at lower cost and greater efficiencies than human guards only. For example, human guards would tire quickly hauling multiple WMD detection systems. GeckoSystems' SecurityBot™ MSR's would not.

Commercial and military users desire the elimination of the "man in the loop" to enable unmanned ground and air vehicles such as driverless automobiles, trucks, and drone aircraft to not require routine, constant or not infrequent, human control. GeckoSystems' advanced family of hardware and AI software technologies can enable MSR's that can explore urban dwellings with high levels of situational awareness due to multiple layers of sensor fusion, while looking for human inhabitants - -automatically - - without any human invention or control. This can save lives by placing our troops back one or more steps from an unforeseen ambush.

Intelligent mobile service robots are over 80% software. What truly differentiates GeckoSystems from the rest of the world is their incredibly fast, automatic self -navigation software, GeckoNav. Without going into the details of real -time mapping, cognizant navigation, planned path patrol, sensor fusion, short -term memory, situational awareness, and other "buzz words," GeckoNav makes possible automatic patrolling and navigation in peopled or dynamic environments, "out of the box" automatic learning of surroundings, and safe control of the MSR. GeckoNav is the primary artificial intelligence (AI) engine of all their mobile robot products. Regarding maintenance and technical support, GeckoZap™, the diagnostic and compliance software tool provides critical calibration and diagnostic capabilities to service personnel in a single package, further reducing maintenance and support costs.

GeckoChat provides real -time voice synthesis and recognition coupled with scheduling, natural language processing and expert systems to achieve a complete verbal interaction package. Developed for use in the home environment, especially in the context of elder care, the benefits of GeckoChat include programming by the family, verbal reminders of past, present, and future events, surrogate short -term memory, verbal control of the robot, and verbal confirmation of critical events such as medicine or other medical regimes. However, GeckoChat can be easily extended to handle nearly any verbal task for mobile robot control.

GeckoTrak is their real -time color machine vision system with object tracking, motion vector detection using sensor fusion with sonar range finding, and body heat infrared detection. All this enables an equipped MSR to, for example, recognize and follow individuals in the home or detect and pursue intruders in a public safety or commercial security setting, automatically, without human intervention.

Safe Harbor:
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Source: GeckoSystems Intl. Corp.

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