H -P Products, Inc. Launches the Vroom

H-P Products, Inc. introduces the Vroom™, a powerful, built-in vacuum appliance that combines speed and convenient location to be the perfect quick-cleaning tool for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and other high traffic areas of the home.

H -P Products, Inc. Launches the Vroom™
-Introducing Vroom™ - a revolution in quick cleaning.

Louisville, Ohio - July 21, 2008 - Cleaning non -enthusiasts rejoice! H -P Products, Inc., the premier manufacturer of VACUFLO® and Dirt Devil® central vacuum systems, introduces the Vroom™, a powerful, built -in vacuum appliance. By combining speed, convenient location, and the ability to clean up dry spills without taking the time to gather paper towels, brooms and additional cleaning supplies, the Vroom gives its user a "three -second clean."

Designed to be the perfect quick -cleaning tool for small clean -ups in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, mudrooms and other high traffic areas of the home, the Vroom is easily installed directly into the cabinetry of a room either as a stand alone vacuum appliance or as an accessory to a central vacuum system. Designed to fit neatly in most standard cabinets, the Vroom measures 21.86" deep x 16.25" high x 3.25" wide. Users are saved as much space in storing as they are saved in cleaning time.

Having the Vroom already in a room when a dry spill occurs eliminates the need to round up multiple cleaning supplies, and then put them away later. Cleaning the dryer lint trap can be done before the next load of laundry, and cereal that falls out of a box can be gone before the first snap, crackle or pop. Behold the "three -second clean."

This convenience also brings homeowners relief from storing and carrying the bulky hose of a central vacuum system or the long, tangle -prone cord of a standard vacuum for quick clean -ups. Not to mention eliminating the need for a broom, the Vroom goes beyond floor care. Users can quickly and easily clean dry spills on the ground, and on tables, counters, highchairs and other elevated surfaces of a home, removing the need for costly, non -eco -friendly wet wipes or paper towels.

The speed and ease of the Vroom continues with automatic suction, more powerful than hand -held or upright vacuums, that begins when the hose is pulled from its base and ends as soon as the hose is conveniently snapped back into place. The power to quick clean is always there, and always on. Even the storage of the Vroom is instant due to the automatic retraction of the Vroom's hose, which extends up to 24 feet and comes equipped with a built -in crevice cleaning tool that allows users to clean difficult places such as the spaces underneath and around a refrigerator. The power and length of the hose make a variety of household needs, such as removing pet hair and dirt from the floor and picking up crumbs or spilled food, quick and easy.

The Vroom is available as a freestanding system or as an add -on to any central vacuum unit and comes with an adjustable wand that extends to 30 -1/2", a combination floor/rug tool and is covered by a 3 -year warranty. Additional accessories can be purchased through a Vroom dealer. Available for purchase in June 2008, the estimated retail price for the Vroom ranges from $249 for the add -on unit to $349 for the freestanding version. Cost, including installation fees varies by location and dealer.

For more information on Vroom and a video demonstration, see www.vroomyourroom.com.

H -P Products, Inc. is based in Louisville, Ohio and is a leading manufacturer of built -in central vacuum systems and tubular products. Celebrating 55 years of manufacturing expertise, some of the company's best -known products are the VACUFLO® and Dirt Devil® lines of central vacuums. In 1955, H -P Products, Inc. introduced VACUFLO®, the first residential built -in central vacuum system with a patented True Cyclonic® process requiring no bags or filters. A customer -driven company, H -P Products offers versatile accessories and kits for its diverse product lines to meet ever -changing needs. For more information on H -P Products' full line of central vacuum system products, accessories and quality policy, see the company website at www.hpproducts.net .

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