Naim Audio Appoints NaimNet USA as Exclusive Distributor for NaimNet.

NaimNet USA was created in 2008 for the sole purpose of bringing the NaimNet audiophile- grade custom installation product range to market in the US.

Naim Audio Appoints NaimNet USA as Exclusive Distributor for NaimNet

Products in the United States.

Naim Audio announced today the appointment of NaimNet USA as the exclusive
US distributor for its new range of NaimNet distributed audio products. NaimNet
USA was created in 2008 for the sole purpose of bringing the NaimNet audiophile -
grade custom installation product range to market in the US.

NaimNet USA's roots are derived from two veteran industry sources: Custom
Installation industry consultant Mitch Witten, who has held executive sales and
marketing positions with companies such as Sonance, Kaleidescape, and
NetStreams has joined forces with Naim USA, which was formed in 1986 and has
served as the exclusive US distributor for Naim 2 -channel audio products for 22

"Their combined experience will provide the level of service and support that is
required to be successful in the CI channel in the United States," said Alan Ainslie,
General Manager of NaimNet. "Mitch's experience brings a deep understanding and
appreciation of the needs and expectations of custom integrators in the US and the
Naim USA team led by Chris West (operations) and David Dever (technical services)
brings a highly regarded and experienced logistics organization to bear to support the
sales and marketing efforts."

"We are proud to have been selected as the exclusive distributor for NaimNet
products in the United States," said Mitch Witten, Vice President of Marketing and
Sales for NaimNet USA. "The NaimNet suite of products are unique in that they
achieve audiophile grade performance in a distributed audio -over -IP format and
maintain the legendary Naim Audio long -standing tradition of upgradeability"
NaimNet USA will begin the rollout of the first NaimNet products in June 2008.

About NaimNet products
NaimNet multi -room components offer total house Audio Video distribution and
control without any performance compromise enabled by the advanced IP
technologies used. The fully scalable NaimNet system is equally cost effective in
small apartments or substantial mansions, it is StreamNet™ connected. There is no
practical limit to the size of the system.

Ethernet connected, using a standard domestic PC network, NaimNet offers control
using a wide range of convenient devices according to personal taste and
requirements. NaimNet also facilitates whole house control of lights, AV, screens and
blinds, heating, and security, as a result of easily configured interfaces to network -
connected partner products.

Naim Servers store music with bit -for -bit accuracy. Every musical nuance is copied
onto the hard drive without any compression: for selection and playback at your
convenience. Playback is bit -accurate. Uncompromised musical performance
ensures that the Naim Music Server takes its rightful place among Naim source
components delivering the finest music in the home.

About StreamNet
NetStreams' patent -pending StreamNet technology provides an end -to -end IP
ecosystem for plug -n -play connectivity, A/V signal synchronization, high performance
A/V reproduction, automatic device discovery and configuration, network control, and
more. All products that carry the StreamNet Connected‟ logo are interoperable,
enabling easy integration of audio/video and control products from multiple
manufacturers. StreamNet provides a stable, easily expandable platform and toolset
for future products and new applications.

NetStreams is the registered trademark of NetStreams LLC.
StreamNet is the trademark of NetStreams LLC

About Naim Audio
Naim has a passionate and committed interest in music. This is as true today as it
was during the company's formation in Salisbury, England, over 30 years ago. Above
all, it is the enjoyment of music that has driven Naim to design and manufacture the
finest range of audio equipment available. The highest engineering principles ensure
that all Naim products meet and exceed the measurable parameters essential for
state -of -the -art performance, safety and reliability: qualities for which Naim is

Measurement alone, however, is not enough: every product must deliver the musical
performance that the team would not want to live without. Naim quality requires an
attention to detail verging on the obsessive, along with a special and unique
approach to component selection and system design. Every aspect of a Naim
product's design is considered for its impact on sound quality.

Manufacturing is equally specialised: there are no production lines. Products are
made by highly trained operators who understand all the techniques - however
insignificant they may seem - that make the difference between a good product and
a truly great one. Naim does not chase market fashion and will not shift from its
overriding objective of achieving consistent musical performance. The company has
moved steadily into the world of Audio Video, delivering award -winning products,
including an all -in -one DVD receiver unit designed to bring new customers to the
Naim fold without sacrificing Naim's legendary performance.

Contact information for NaimNet USA:

Sales and Marketing Offices:
PO Box 189010151
Coronado, CA 92178

Sales, Marketing and Public Relations
Contact: Mitch Witten, Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Phone: 619 -365 -4743
Fax: 515 -474 -2986
Mobile: 949 -292 -8796

Corporate Offices:
5657 West Howard Street
Niles, Illinois 60714
Phone: 847 -647 -2293

Operations and logistics
Contact: Chris West, VP Operations
Phone: 847 -647 -2293

Technical Support and Training
Contact David Dever, VP Technical Services
Phone: 847 -647 -2293

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