Life|ware simplifies life for the fictional Elias family and educates visitors about the potential and possibilities for their own digital homes.

Anaheim, CA - June 17, 2008 - Life|ware™ is excited to announce its participation in the new Innoventions Dream Home at the Disneyland Resort, a technology showcase built in partnership with Disney, Microsoft, HP and homebuilder Taylor Morrison.

Life|ware brings the home to life to provide the fictional Elias family with entertainment anywhere in the Home; to recognize each member of the Elias family as he or she enters a room and tailors it to reflect personal preferences; and to help the house run more efficiently with the rhythm of the Elias family's everyday life. Life|ware showcases a variety of existing products and emerging technologies within Dream Home, enabling guests to interact with each piece and imagine how technology might enhance digital living experiences in their own homes.

"The Innoventions Dream Home will introduce Disneyland guests to an incredibly intuitive technology from Life|ware that can enhance their lives today, while providing them a glimpse of what they may find in their homes in the future," says Bret Fitzgerald, Life|ware's vice president of marketing. "Life|ware is best understood when experienced and Dream Home is the perfect showcase for millions of Disneyland guests each year to experience our products first -hand and show how Life|ware can change their lives."

Life|ware is a unique digital control solution that runs on the Windows Media Center platform. Much more than the sum of its hardware and software parts, Life|ware represents a lifestyle where technology works with a user to accommodate his or her every need. Life|ware represents a breakthrough in terms of how people interact with technology to enhance everyday life and conveniences. From personalized in -room settings to lighting, music and home theater solutions, Life|ware allows a user to build a digital home one step at a time, all while providing a simple and intuitive way to manage and integrate everything.

In the Dream Home, Disneyland guests interact with members of the Elias family as they use the home's technology to prepare for a big celebration. Life|ware responds to individual members of the Elias family as they enter and exit the rooms of the Home. In the Great Room for example, using RFID (radio frequency identification) technology, Life|ware automatically triggers pictures on the walls, cues up music and adjusts the lighting and temperature to meet the preferences of the particular family member who enters the room.
With powerful new technologies from a wide variety of partners, Dream Home designers turned to Life|ware, the only platform capable of seamlessly integrating so many systems and devices into one unified experience.

Life|ware controls a performance -grade DMX lighting system in the home, complete with Lutron dimmer switches shades. RFID tags worn by the family trigger custom Life|scenes in each room - adjusting the music selection, volume, lighting - even the photos on the Life|ware -controlled digital picture frames. A MediaMatrix NION distributed audio system, Panasonic security cameras, even the pergola fountain are all controlled by Life|ware. Life|point touch panels and Life|media media servers ensure that the Life|ware experience is available to the Elias family and Disneyland guests all throughout the home.

In the Party Tent out back, Life|ware powers the karaoke experience, complete with stage lighting, virtual backgrounds and automated souvenir snapshots. More than anything else, the home shows how powerful technologies can be brought together, and implemented with grace through the simple addition of Life|ware to a home.

"Dream Home lets consumers experience just how Life|ware makes a home fun, interactive and entertaining," said Fitzgerald. "Life|ware brings the 'today' to Dream Home because our product is available now and can be implemented immediately to change the way people live at home."

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About Life|ware
Based in the Westerville suburb of Columbus, Ohio, Exceptional Innovation produces Life|ware™ home control software and hardware for digital living. Life|ware creates a lifestyle experience that allows consumers to enjoy their digital entertainment, wherever and whenever they want, as well as manage their lighting, multi -room audio, HVAC, security, appliances and other subsystems, through a single interface by integrating the digital entertainment functionality of Media Center with whole -house automation and control. Led by software industry professionals with extensive experience with distributed computing based on open standards and open architecture, Exceptional Innovation combines Microsoft development expertise with years of home control experience to deliver simple, seamless, life -enhancing solutions for the digital home.

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