HomeLogic Technology Snares Crook in Action

Police Use Latest Product Features from Whole-Home Control Innovator to Solve Burglaries in Boston Suburb

MARBLEHEAD, MA - HomeLogic, a leading manufacturer of IP -Based Home Entertainment and Control Solutions, got a real -world test of their newest security system technologies as a result of a recent break -in.

In a bizarre twist on product testing, a burglar with an outstanding arrest warrant went on an early morning rampage in the Marblehead business park where HomeLogic has its offices, breaking into company headquarters and taking thousands of dollars in product. The company's recently introduced DVR plug -in for the popular HomeLogic OneHome™ System logged and recorded the break -in on video.

Police were given screenshots and a copy of the video and, as a result, were immediately able to help HomeLogic identify the stolen items and locations within HomeLogic's offices where they would be able to lift the suspect's fingerprints for evidence. With the suspect's description in hand, police were able to broadcast an all points bulletin. Within hours they traced the suspect to a local park and apprehended him there. When confronted with the evidence the suspect confessed to the theft and another local break -in, eventually helping police recover the stolen property - - all as a direct result of using material from HomeLogic's OneHome System.

The suspect was arraigned on multiple charges, including two felonies, and remains in custody pending trial. Police have since discovered that the suspect is a fugitive from a San Diego, California, burglary warrant.

"What a great real -world test of new product features," said Joe Lautner, HomeLogic's VP of Marketing and Sales. "When we arrived and saw our damaged entrance and we looked around and could not easily determine what was missing. We immediately checked the Security Tab on our OneHome system's touch panel and got an immediate readout on the time of the intrusion. Using the new DVR Pro Tab and scrolling to the logged time we were able to watch the break -in and theft as a result of the motion activated video that recorded the entire event."

Jim Herman, co -founder of HomeLogic, agrees that the event is a clear affirmation of the company's new system capabilities, "It is one thing to develop products around Customer needs and quite another to see that system working seamlessly under fire. The break -in proves our system works and provided us with some firsthand feedback on how we can add utility to the program for our Customers."

Advanced capabilities of the OneHome system include Internet and smartphone compatibility and push technology that can automatically alert home owners, security companies and / or police about intrusions. The system also allows for global access and monitoring from either a net computer or even a cellphone. In fact, everything that you can do from the OneHome Connect on -line client can also be done from any cellular smartphone including accessing, controlling and viewing the system and system cameras live, as well as reviewing, freezing and printing DVR recordings.

The HomeLogic system is available through Certified HomeLogic Dealers across the US and Canada. HomeLogic integrates Audio, Home Theater, Security, Climate, Lighting, Video, DVR, Pool/Spa and Irrigation controls into Whole Home Systems that are then accessible through IP and smartphone connections.

About HomeLogic:
HomeLogic is dedicated to delivering market leading home management and control solutions that enhance a home owner's comfort, convenience and peace -of -mind. The company offers turn -key control solutions directly through Certified Dealers. HomeLogic systems provide an elegant user experience and require no custom programming simplifying the installation process as well as lowering the overall cost and complexity to homeowners. The company sells sells its products exclusively through a select group of direct Dealers. HomeLogic is a subsidiary of ELAN Home Systems, LLC. For more information visit www.homelogic.com.

ELAN is a trademark of ELAN Home Systems, LLC, Lexington, Kentucky.

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