See it at InfoComm Booth 3N6652 - Sight and Sound are concealed by Media Décor's patented "floating" hembar motorized art system - get your décor back!

Revolutionary Elite series motorized art with integrated sound. Designed to conceal installed plasma and LCD TV sites when not in use, the remarkable artwork solutions provide home owners, interior designers, AV installers and home builders with elegant and customizable choices for beautiful and tastefully discrete entertainment centers.

"Even when the TV is off it still seems to always be the central focal point of the room," said, Jonathan Graham, president of Media Decor. "Why not fill that space with exquisite artwork that complements the room's interior rather than detracts? That is what we are offering."

The Elite series can be customized to fit unique design needs and interiors. At the touch of a button on the accompanying remote control, an exclusive, patented twin -roller system silently and smoothly raises and conceals the artwork to reveal the LCD or plasma TV display for viewing. The framed units are all self -contained and install easily over any recessed or wall mounted plasma or LCD.

The more than 950 art choices integrated into the Elite motorized units are produced using Giclee (pronounced Zhee -Clay) technology. This high -speed process fires infinitely small pixels of rich, vibrant inks onto special canvas materials, rendering smooth, consistent and museum -quality reproductions. A protectant UV agent is then applied forming an invisible non -yellowing and crack resistant topcoat. This exclusive reproduction process creates and guarantees exquisite art as well as smooth drive unit operation.

The 40 standard frame collection is supplemented by many optional frame choices including designs from Roma, Larson -Juhl and exquisite hand made, hand painted finished corner frames enhanced with pure gold leaf in the Firenza series. In addition to Media Decor's selection of world -renowned artwork, clients can choose, at no extra expense, to use their own custom art or photography or even incorporate business art or logos.

All of the HideandChic units are of alloy and stainless steel construction for lightweight and easy installation applications.

The inclusion of Media Décor's On -Board -Sound System provides high -performance left -center -right (L -C -R) sound reproduction without an additional, unsightly on -wall or in -wall loudspeaker installation. The speakers are not visible when the artwork is down, thus preserving the designer's original vision for the room.

On -Board Sound module may be driven from the TV or from an external source. On -Board -Sound locks onto the Elite artwork structure directly below the TV. Standard color for enclosure and grille cloth is black but color matching is available at no additional charge.

On -Board -Sound features high -efficiency 4 -inch paper cone woofers with solid aluminum phase plugs and santoprene surrounds. Tweeters are one 1 -inch neodymium cloth dome. Frequency response is 70 Hz -20 kHz with a power handling specification of 80 Watts per channel. On -Board -Sound is housed in a solid MDF cabinet measuring 6 inches in height and 4 inches in depth.

Come to Booth #N6652 at InfoComm to learn more about the Elite Sight and Sound System.

Featured Product

 BLE2 Series Brushless Motor & Driver

BLE2 Series Brushless Motor & Driver

The BLE2 Series replaces our popular BLE Series and continues our brushless motor advantages by featuring an all new compact, high-power and high-efficiency brushless DC motor combined with a Driver that can be digitally set and controlled via external DC voltage or by the front panel. The BLE2 Series can easily compete with larger 3-phase inverter driven motors in many more applications, with built-in simple holding torque function, saving space and increasing performance thanks to the advantages of a brushless motor design. The BLE2 Series has a maximum speed of 4000 r/min, achieving a speed ratio of 1:50 (80 to 4000 r/min). The new motor structure is small than previous models and enables high power and high efficiency while incorporating easy setting, installation and wiring. The new motor connector offers IP66 degree of protection and allows for easy and direct connection between motor and driver with two available orientation of cable outlet direction.