Lenexpo Electronics and Atlona Technologies are experiencing record growth!

Lenexpo Electronics and its Subsidiary Atlona Technologies have been growing rapidlt over the last 4 consecutive quarters.

Lenexpo Electronics and its subsidiary Atlona Technologies have come a long way in the last year. The company was founded in 1999 as an internet reseller of Audio Video products, but quickly rose to become one of the top selling national distributors of several major brands such as Gefen, DVDO, ShinyBow, and now Atlona Technologies. After several years of continued success, Lenexpo Electronics started exploring new markets. The company began designing and importing products for OEM applications for major firms such as CISCO Systems , and Comcast Inc. After taking a strong foothold in the OEM market, the company decided to move forward with their manufacturing venture, and introduced their own brand, Atlona Technologies, to the open market.

Now several years later, Atlona Technologies products can be found through out the world in places such as the most prominent hotels in Dubai, or NASA's Research center in Mountain View, CA, and now even in hundreds of thousands of homes throughout the United States. Atlona's product line has grown to cover almost every conceivable solution in the Audio Video industry, and has new innovative products in development continuously. Whether your application is for professional broadcast, or a home theater installation, Atlona Technologies has you covered.

Lenexpo Electronics, now stands as a wholly separate business entity from Atlona Technologies, and has been experiencing massive growth within the last year. The company's sales have increased over 25% with in the last two quarters (as of April 2008), and staff has doubled. Lenexpo has grown to accommodate its network of over 700 dealers and resellers, and has gained strong markets shares abroad. As new emerging markets come to have demand for Audio Video and even Computer products, Lenexpo is stepping up to meet their demands.

Both Lenexpo and Atlona have recently stepped up efforts to "Go Green" by reducing over 50% of all paper use. Atlona is also dedicated to only manufacture products that completely comply with the Restrictions of Hazardous Substances Directive (EU RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC). The company is currently researching making "No Stand By Mode" products to reduce energy consumption. The company founders are personally dedicated to going green as well, promising that this trend will continue for these and any companies they are involved in.

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sonnenBatterie eco

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