RTI Launches Latest Multi -Room Control Devices

MRP-64 and RKM-1 Introduced As Powerful Duo


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Scott Moody, Marketing Matters
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Pete Baker Vice,President of Sales & Marketing
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SHAKOPEE, MN -June 18, 2008 -Remote Technologies Inc, the leading control systems manufacturer, has announced the release of the new MRP -64 Multi -Room Control Processor and RKM -1 Multi -Room Audio Keypad. The MRP -64 and RKM -1 merge advanced technologies to create a revolutionary new way to distribute audio. Collectively, these products have the ability to take full advantage of the multi -zone capabilities built into most of today's sophisticated surround receivers.

"We are very excited about the introduction of the MRP -64 as a great example of our clear focus to develop revolutionary new control solutions for the Professional Integrator" said Pete Baker, vice president of sales and marketing for RTI. "With the MRP -64 and RKM -1, consumers benefit from the flexibility of being able to bi -directionally control almost any multi -zone receiver or distributed audio system. Together these products provide users with a superior control system and a great solution for distributing audio at a terrific value."

MRP -64 Multi -Room Control Processor
The MRP -64 acts as an interface between multi -zone audio/video receivers and RTI in -wall or handheld controllers, giving consumers the ability to create a dynamic audio distribution system at an affordable price. With the MRP -64 all of the audio/video sources from the media room can now be easily distributed and accessed anywhere in the home. This compact unit features six keypad ports for RTI in -wall controllers, four independent IR output ports, three voltage trigger outputs, three voltage sense inputs and an IR signal input. Additionally the unit is equipped with an Ethernet port for control and programming, two -way RS -232 communication, support for Zigbee® wireless communication, and other expansion capabilities. This unit is compatible with all RTI in -wall and handheld controllers and industry standard IR repeater systems and requires no special programming. The MRP -64 will be available 1st Quarter of 2008 with an expected price of $699.00.

Key Features:
•Expands virtually any home theater/multi -zone receiver into a distributed audio system
•Six keypad inputs to provide power and communication
•Two RS -232 ports for bi -directional communication
•Compatible with RTI Zigbee® Transceiver Module for two -way communication
•Programmed RS -232 drivers for popular multi -zone receivers
•Three programmable 12VDC trigger outputs
•Three assignable voltage sense inputs
•IR input for IR pass -through or control
•Four addressable IR emitter ports are compatible with industry standard IR emitters and repeater systems
•One addressable high IR output for connecting additional IR connecting block/emitters
•All output ports incorporate both short -circuit and overload protection
•Variable power on all IR output ports
•Programmed using TheaterTouch Designer™ software
•Non -volatile Flash memory stores your system configuration even when power is not present.
•USB and Ethernet programming

RKM -1 Multi -Room Audio Keypad

RTI's new RKM -1 has a clean, elegant style and is perfect for multi -room audio control. The intuitive keypad was designed for flush -mount installations in walls or cabinets. Its open architecture and TheaterTouch Designer™ software make the RKM -1 an easy to program device. Sized for a single gang electrical box, the product incorporates eight fully -programmable hard buttons and a customizable LED film which provides feedback of power status, selected source, and volume control. The RKM -1 control port connects to one of the six keypad ports on the MRP -64 to control devices from up to 1000 feet away. When used with the RTI automation devices, it is capable of infrared routing, relay control, power sensing and RS -232 communications for advanced control. The RKM -1 will be available 1st quarter of 2008, with an expected price of $149.00.

Key Features:
•Provides feedback for multi -zone receivers via the MRP -64 Control Processor
•Use any standard Decora® type faceplate
•Fits in single gang electrical box
•Eight selectable sources
•Backlit volume level indicator
•Open architecture allows control of virtually any audio/video component
•Non -volatile Flash memory stores our system configuration even when power is lost
•IR output port drives up to 1000 feet of wire for standalone control
•Optional modules for voltage and video sensing
•Field upgradeable firmware
•USB programming

Talking Points
•RTI releases the RKM -1 Multi -Room Audio Keypad and MRP -64 Multi -Room Control Processor.
•RKM -1 provides feedback from multi -zone receivers via the MRP -64 Control Processor.
•MRP -64 expands a home theater/multi -zone receiver into a distributed audio system.
•RKM -1 and MRP -64 will be available in the 1st quarter of 2008.

About Remote Technologies Incorporated

Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI), headquartered in Shakopee, Minnesota, is the leading manufacturer of innovative, sophisticated and user -friendly control systems. RTI's wide array of elegant hardware and software solutions are marketed exclusively through the custom installation channel.

RTI was founded in 1992 with a committed focus on the custom installation market. This unwavering commitment was expanded and formalized in March 2007 with RTI's Committed to Custom (C2CTM) initiative. C2C highlights RTI's dedication to the custom installation market, making it the leader in creating professional grade control solutions that effectively address the challenges facing electronic systems integrators. RTI's C2C is further enhanced by their expanded tech support hours and with the wide variety of education opportunities available through their Advanced Control University (ACU).

RTI's belief in offering its products exclusively through trained professional integrators is a guiding passion, centered on providing control solutions for any size home theater or other electronic system. The company's design philosophy emphasizes an intuitive and enjoyable experience using its award -winning products, from its universal system controllers to signal storage and processing devices and PC programming software.

For additional information on RTI and all its innovative products please visit www.rticorp.com.

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ELK Products -C1M1 Dual-Path Alarm Communicators with Remote Services

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