RHINO & Leviton Team Up

RHINO labeling products will give Leviton end users and contractors a cost-effective and efficient solution for their labeling needs.

May 28, 2008, Stamford CT - RHINO Professional Labeling Tools is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Leviton Network Solutions. Leviton Network Solutions is the most recognized brand in the Telcom/Datacom arena and is sold through major distribution across the U.S.. Teaming with Leviton will provide RHINO a new avenue for reaching customers in these markets and enable them to address their labeling needs in a cost -effective and efficient manner.

"I was employed by Leviton for almost 20 years," stated Keith Smith, National Field Sales Manager for RHINO. "It is a fact that Leviton's Network Solutions product line is one of the most widely accepted US manufactured connectivity products in the nation. Combining RHINO and Leviton expertise will be a powerful benefit to installers and contractors who can now acquire both a superior network solution and the best available handheld labeling solution to easily identify installed system components and connections."

As part of the new business relationship, Leviton will recommend RHINO products for use in labeling Leviton panels, enclosures, wall plates, QuickPort housings and patch cords, using RHINO's non -adhesive, nylon, polyester and vinyl labels, applied with the newly released RHINO 6000 & 6500 label printers. These two new printers allow installers to create and print labels in the field and/or to connect to a PC via RHINO CONNECT software. Their dedicated buttons for patch panels, vertical & horizontal cable -wrapping labels and flag labels make the RHINO 6000 or 6500 a must to own. The software allows Leviton customers to easily customize label designs from scratch or import label data from an external file. Of notable mention, the RHINO 6000 & 6500 are currently the only available options for creating printed labels for Leviton's ¼" wide, magnifying lens label holder found on the 1RU/48 -port high density patch panel.

To make the transition to RHINO Labeling Products easier for Leviton customers, RHINO and Leviton have developed a Quick Reference Guide. This guide provides the correct settings to create labels for use with Leviton Network Solutions patch cords, wall plates and QuickPort housings, 110 termination blocks and the many patch panels in Leviton's product portfolio. This guide, along with pre -formatted Leviton template files for the RHINO CONNECT software, are available for download at RHINO's website, www.rhinolabeling.com.

"This labeling solution will save our end users time and money while making their installations look more professional," commented Z Zakaria, Industrial Global Business Team Leader. "It's a great example of how RHINO continues to differentiate our product offering, build category awareness and promote labeling through strategic partnerships."



RHINO is a brand of Newell Rubbermaid company (NYSE: NWL). RHINO designs and manufactures professional label printers and tools for commercial, residential and industrial use. RHINO professional labeling tools are designed with easy -to -use features that greatly reduce labeling time. Learn more at www.rhinolabeling.com.

About Leviton
Leviton Network Solutions, a division of Leviton Manufacturing Company inc., develops and manufactures complete copper and fiber connectivity solutions for enterprise, data center, service provider and residential applications. Solutions include eXtreme 10G, eXtreme 6+, and GigaMax 5e copper systems and Plug -n -Play, LightSpace, and Opt -X fiber systems. Leviton offers connectors, wallplates, patch panels, enclosures, cable management, PoE, wireless, power and industrial connectivity. For more information please visit www.leviton.com

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