Cool Answers for AV, Boardroom, and Display Applications

LAS VEGAS - June 18, 2008 - Active Thermal Management (ATM), experts in quiet thermal protection solutions, will be showing its full line of cooling products at this year's InfoComm International show in Las Vegas. ATM's cooling and ventilating products are designed for today's conference/meeting/training/boardrooms, which are being equipped with more and more audio -video equipment and other computer and display electronics.

"We offer solutions when consideration is given to the location and ventilation of equipment rooms and enclosures holding A/V, signage, and security electronic equipment," said Frank Federman, CEO for ATM. "We also work closely with designers and builders as they apply the latest in creative building façade and display technologies requiring considerations for cooling enclosed equipment that is running 24/7."

ATM and its products address these and other issues for today's technology experts in electronic installation and control room design.

Cool -Stack III™
A 1 -unit high, hot air exhaust system, with four (4) 120mm fans and an 18" depth, the Cool -Stack III has the power, and the reach to pull up to 70 CFM of hot air out of tightly packed racks while generating very low noise levels. Heated air is normally exhausted through the perforated front panel, but exhaust fittings and tubing provided with the unit can move the hot air safely away if the rack is located in a closet or cabinet.

Cool -Stack III is temperature -controlled, switching from a constant, very low "idle" speed, suitable for removing stand -by heat generated by components, to full speed as rack temperature changes. Internal movable jumpers are set during installation to satisfy the requirements of a particular installation, whether residential or commercial.

Available now, the Cool -Stack III has a suggested retail price of $450.00.

Circle -Vent™
Circle -Vent provides powered air vents, designed for easy mounting in fine office or building cabinetry. Available in surface - or flush -mount configurations and in a variety of designer wood species, Circle -Vent is easily field -adjusted to either exhaust hot air out of an equipment cabinet or pull fresh air in.

Circle -Vent consists of two fan assemblies, power supply, and a magnetic -base thermal switch assembly. The fans run continuously at idle, and then switch to a higher speed should the temperature hit 91 degrees F. The surface -mount configuration is also easily retrofitted into existing cabinets while the flush -mount version is intended for installation during cabinet construction. Both the surface and flush mount units are stocked in White Oak, Poplar, Black Walnut, Maple, and Cherry woods; other species are available by special order.

Available now, Circle -Vent has a suggested retail price of $300 (surface -mount) and $350 (flush -mount) with a $25 non -stock wood upgrade.

Dual -Mode Component Cooler™
Designed to operate in either of two modes to quietly cool installed electronic components with insufficient ventilation, the unit is intended for use on shelving, in open bookcases and other semi -enclosed locations. The Dual -Mode Cooler consists of a black powder -coated base, housing two ultra -quiet, high -quality 120 mm fans and a magnetic -base thermal switch assembly. The fans run continuously at an idle speed, suitable for removing the heat produced by always -on components, switching to a higher speed as temperatures rise.

As shipped, the Cooler is placed on top of a hot component, cooling it while forming a shelf on which another heat -sensitive component can be placed. In an alternate configuration, the Cooler is placed under a hot component, forcing cooling air up through the component. Mode switching is quickly and easily accomplished using only a Philips screwdriver. In either configuration, the Dual -Mode Component Cooler can support over 100 pounds.

Available now, the Dual -Mode Component Cooler has a suggested retail price of $220.00.

The ATM booth will be fully stocked with answers to heat -generated issues for InfoComm's installation experts.

About Active Thermal Management
Active Thermal Management, headquartered in Valencia, California, is a leading manufacturer of quiet, professional thermal protection products for residential and commercial installations. Providing highly specialized products for almost every conceivable installation and application, Active Thermal Management produces cooling solutions for large and small system enclosures as well as individual components. For more information, please visit

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