Heat Seeking Solutions in Booth #C4302

LAS VEGAS - June 18, 2008 - Active Thermal Management (ATM), experts in quiet thermal protection solutions, will be showing its unique selection of cooling systems at this year's InfoComm International show in Las Vegas. ATM's silent -running cooling and ventilating systems are designed for effective and safe temperature management when integrated into today's advanced multimedia AV and display applications.

"It is encouraging to see more consideration being given to ventilation issues during the design and planning stages of boardroom and conference room installations," said Frank Federman, CEO for ATM. "We offer a full range of choices of out -of -sight, quiet, cooling solutions for equipment enclosures of almost any type."

Ventilating equipment enclosures poses different challenges for designers and integrators. ATM, its installation experts, and its selection of new and complete ventilating and cooling systems, address these and other issues for technology integrators working with electronic installation and control room design.

The Cool -Vent™ Family
The Cool -Vent Family consists of three products, Cool -Vent I, II, and III, each designed to quietly move air through different sized enclosures. A solid wood grill hides the fans that pull or push hot air out of the installation. The primary differences between the three are size and capacity. Cool -Vent I is a single -speed product controlled by a thermal switch which activates at 90 degrees F. Cool -Vent II and III are both controlled through a dual thermal switch assembly that turns on the fans at 90 degrees F and then switches to a higher, but still quiet, speed at 100 degrees F.

The Cool -Vent products are available in more than 26 natural wood species that can later be custom finished to match built -in cabinets, fine furniture, and display or signage design attributes. All of the Cool -Vent products are available now and pricing varies by model.
System 1™ and System 3™ Air Moving Solutions
System 1 is one of the most powerful and flexible of ATM's cooling devices. This unique quiet air mover can be used to ventilate any large enclosure using the included insulated tubing for effective and safe ventilation and product protection. Designed to move more than 100 cubic feet of hot air per minute, the precision -balanced impeller produce very little sound, even at full speed, falling a full 8 decibels quieter than industrial supply bathroom ventilators. System 1 comes complete with fan, 8' of acoustically insulated and flexible tubing, mounting brackets, clamps, and a 6" square hot -air collector for $549.95. Additional accessories include thermal switches, speed controls, extra tubing, and a wide variety of fittings.

The System 3 from ATM is built for smaller applications and enclosures. As smaller systems do not require large volumes of air to remove the heat they generate, the System 3 is the more economical choice as it efficiently moves 15 to 20 cubic feet of air per minute, fully replacing the air two times per minute. The System 3 comes complete with two high -quality 3.125" fans, grills, a plug -type power supply, thermal switch, and a terminal strip pre -mounted in a compact box for interconnections. Its easy -to -install design can be arranged to pull cool air in or push heated air out. The System 3 is available now and retails for $124.95.

The ATM booth will be fully stocked with answers to heat -generated issues for InfoComm's installation experts.

About Active Thermal Management
Active Thermal Management, headquartered in Valencia, California, is a leading manufacturer of quiet, professional thermal protection products for residential and commercial installations. Providing highly specialized products for almost every conceivable installation and application, Active Thermal Management produces cooling solutions for large and small system enclosures as well as individual components. For more information, please visit

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