Legendary independent Cambridge -based high -end home audio -video manufacturer, Meridian Audio's new transportable all -in -one audio system, Meridian F80 (shown below) wins, not only the coveted Robb Report 'Best of the Best' all -in -one music system award, but 'Best of the Best Overall' of Home Entertainment Category.

The culmination of a year's search, Robb Report magazine's 20th annual 'Best of the Best' offers readers an unprecedented selection of new products and services that exemplify the very finest that the luxury world has to offer voted by Robb Report's editors and a team of seasoned contributing writers lead by Brett Anderson, Senior Vice President/Editor -in -Chief. As well as Home, other categories for the awards include Wheels (cars), Wings & Water (sea and aircraft), Style, Journeys and Leisure.

"Beautifully designed yet discreet, the Meridian -Ferrari F80 is engineered to provide a sophisticated audio experience that will impress even the most sensitive and discerning ears," said Robb Report's Senior Vice President/Editor -in -Chief, Brett Anderson.

"The Meridian -Ferrari F80 epitomizes the luxury audio product because it delivers immensely satisfying performance while remaining simple to use and a delight to display in any living room," said Brent Butterworth, Contributing Editor to Robb Report.

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Robb Report is the international authority on the luxury lifestyle. Each month the magazine reports on issues and trends affecting the affluent market, comprehensive reviews and features on high -end products and services and coverage of exclusive events.

Setting standards in audio -video
Meridian has become legendary for its stylish products that create breathtaking high -definition images and stunning surround -sound. The company is master of accurately reproducing the auditory and visual 'clues' that help create images of sound and colour with such purity and integrity that it is as if you hear them through the ears of the record producer or see them through the eyes of the film director. Beyond creating extraordinary sound, Meridian has always set new standards for elegant, iconic design, with, for example, the classic 1970's Lecson on permanent display in the New York Museum of Modern Art.

The Robb Report 'Best of the Best' is the latest tribute for this multi -award winning company that has gained much critical and industry acclaim as a world leader in audio reproduction with over 135 awards for 156 products and innovations to date including receiving the coveted British Design Council Award for Outstanding British Products an unprecedented three times in addition to many other international accolades.

"Setting standards in the creation of pure and authentic sound is what we are all about with the Meridian F80 being the ultimate expression of thirty years of our expertise in this area culminated in one compact unit," comments Bob Stuart, Chairman and Co -Founder of Meridian Audio on the win. "Receiving the Robb Report 'Best -of -the -Best' Award for this achievement is greatly valued recognition and can only serve to deliver the best of the best musical enjoyment to even more: the ultimate honor for us."

"Some time ago, while developing a system, we were listening to a track," he continues. "First we heard a singer and a guitar. As our work developed we then heard two guitars. We kept going and eventually there was the singer, two guitars and a zither. We discovered the whole picture, the full performance, pure and without distortion. When that happens, you get very, very close to the original intention and feeling behind the music. This is what matters to us at Meridian, whether we're revealing the nuances of a piano concerto or the energy of a rock concert."

About Meridian F80
The transportable Meridian F80 is an all -in -one digital sound system incorporating AM/FM radio, CD and DVD player along with facilities for connecting any type of MP3 player or iPod to deliver beautiful, room -filling sound. The high -performance device, set to become a design classic in itself, brings together all the expertise that Meridian has developed over the years and distils more than three decades of award -winning Meridian know -how and passion for music into a single, elegant package. The mineral -filled composite that makes up the body of the F80 is similar to that used by Ferrari. It provides astonishing rigidity and high dimensional stability to maximize performance of its built -in loudspeakers. And, with an accessible retail price, the F80 brings the purity and emotional resonance of the Meridian experience to more people than ever. MSPR: $2,995. Please visit the www.thef80.com.

About Meridian
From a compact stereo setup to a bespoke home theatre installation, from complete systems to individual components, award -winning Meridian systems are at home in any environment and are ideal for such varied locations as a luxury home or apartment, a super -yacht or even a personal jet.

Founded in 1977 by audio engineer Bob Stuart and industrial designer Allen Boothroyd, Meridian Audio Limited design and manufacture from their headquarters outside Cambridge. The company's modern production facilities are purpose -built for the manufacturing of the highest quality consumer audio and video products distributed in over 56 countries including the UK, USA, Russia, India, China, Middle -East and Japan.

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