Homemanageables introduces its affordable, off-the-shelf, wireless remote home control and monitoring system that doesn't need professional installation.

April 30, 2008 - - - - - For the first time, distribution of an all -inclusive remote home management system is available from the newest innovator in the consumer electronics industry, Homemanageables, Inc. Homemanageables introduces its affordable, off -the -shelf, wireless remote home control and monitoring system that doesn't need professional installation. The $199.99 Homemanageables Starter Kit is an easy, do -it -yourself solution for ensuring control of your home - from anywhere, at anytime. For only $9.95 per month with a free 30 -day trial, lights, appliances, thermostats, doors, and windows can be controlled and/or monitored via the Internet, cell phone, or Homemanageables' toll -free voice command system, a home control and monitoring industry first. Empowering green living, the Homemanageables system also is designed to help consumers save on energy costs while simplifying their lives. Leveraging various technologies, including Z -Wave, the Starter Kit offers an array of new functionality not seen before in a home management product.

"The launch of Homemanageables is an opportunity to achieve something using technology that hadn't been accomplished before," said David Asofsky, Founder & CEO. "Technology has been known to make life more complicated. It was our mission to make our customers' lives easier. Homemanageables' solution empowers the consumer, offering a product that's affordable, easy, and fun to use. Even more so, providing a smart solution to everyday concerns and simplifying consumers' lives."

"Homemanageables' unique value proposition is to offer consumers affordable solutions while masking the complexity of the underlying technology," said Rafael Pabon, Principal, Sherman Hill Group. "Homemanageables is a significant new competitor in the growing home automation industry and will be a company to watch in the next few years."

The most exciting new development in a fast growing field, Homemanageables provides the software, hardware, remote access tools, and online training so that anyone can create an intelligent home at a cost -effective price.

"Homemanageables takes home automation one step further, offering total home management," said Jay M. Miller, Vice President, Strategic Development. "Our innovative system incorporates smart "routines" that let you run a chain of events or automated tasks with a single command. These routines can then be customized to meet each family's needs. For the first time, consumers benefit from the unique ability to build an energy -conscious, custom "smart home" with an affordable, all -inclusive system."

Homemanageables already has an eye towards the future. Built on a flexible platform, Homemanageables' system will readily adapt to new home management technologies as they are developed. So Homemanageables' customers won't ever find themselves owning an outdated home automation system. Again, saving consumers money and time.

"We want to put the power and control in the hands of the consumer," said Miller. "It's about quality of life and protecting our planet. Allowing older people to live more independently, providing peace of mind for working parents, simplifying the lives of business travelers, easing the energy crunch, and allowing all of us a greater sense of freedom and control."

"Z -Wave is proud to offer the widest array of wireless home control products available with more than 200 Z -Wave -enabled products currently in the marketplace," said Mark Walters, chairman of the Z -Wave Alliance. "The Homemanageables Starter Kit is an exciting addition to our roster delivering on the Z -Wave promise to bring increased comfort, convenience, safety and security to the everyday consumer."

Homemanageables' mission is to create affordable, easy -to -use, solutions that simplify consumers' lives. The Homemanageables Starter Kit and its array of compatible lighting, appliance, and home monitoring accessories are just the beginning. Homemanageables is already developing innovative and affordable control and monitoring consumer solutions for the telecommunications, healthcare, and environmental industries.
"The possibilities are endless," said Asofsky. "At the most basic level, we want to make a difference."

About Homemanageables, Inc.
Founded in 2006, Homemanageables, Inc. was created to offer mainstream consumers an affordable way to simplify their lives. Homemanageables is an innovative developer, manufacturer, and distributor of remote home control and management solutions for home and small businesses.

In addition to simplifying the lives of mainstream consumers, Homemanageables strives to positively impact the environment and promote energy efficiency. Homemanageables products provide consumers with options for savings and an easier, more flexible, and convenient lifestyle.

Homemanageables is continuously expanding its product lines to include cutting -edge solutions for greater energy conservation, home convenience, air quality and biohazard detection, and in -home medical monitoring. For additional information, visit www.homemanageables.com.

About Z -Wave
Z -Wave® is the first technology to bring affordable, reliable and easy -to -use wireless control to every aspect of daily life - the home, consumer electronics, healthcare, and energy use, to name a few. Z -Wave is an award -winning, proven and interoperable wireless mesh networking technology that allows a wide array of devices in and around the home to communicate including lighting, appliances, HVAC, entertainment centers, and security systems. Z -Wave brings many benefits to everyday life including remote home monitoring, home healthcare,
safety and security, and energy conservation. Z -Wave certified products are currently available from leading consumer brands in more than 300 products. Z -Wave is the recipient of the 2006 Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award in the wireless category, the CNET "Best of CES Award" in the enabling technologies category, along with PC World's 2006 World Class Award, which recognizes the 100 best technologies and products of the year. For more information about Z -Wave please visit www.z -wave.com.

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ELK Products -C1M1 Dual-Path Alarm Communicators with Remote Services

C1M1 offers a truly significant reduction in transmission time in comparison to other communicators that rely on dial capture or data bus decoding. This can result in quicker response time to emergency situations which could save lives and assets. By providing both IP and cellular pathways, C1M1 provides the reliability installers are looking for in an alarm communicator. C1M1 eliminates port forwarding and extra fees for remote access. Installers can remotely upload/download programming changes to M1 controls over IP or cellular using ElkRP2. Consumers can control the M1 remotely via the free ElkLink mobile app and web portal, as well as eKeypad and M1 Touch Pro apps. Other IP-based software and interface partners can connect to the M1 control over the local network through C1M1. C1M1 also provides email/text notifications for arm, disarm, and alarm events. ELK-C1M14GSM supports GSM (AT&T/T-Mobile) networks and ELK-C1M1CDMA supports CDMA (Verizon) networks.