Eternal® Hybrid Water Heating System Evolutionizing the Water Heater World

Eternal hybrid water heating system combines the very best of both tank and tankless systems. Engineered to out-perform all other water heater's on the market, Eternal supplies endless, consistent hot water on demand.

DALLAS (September 2007) - The world of water comfort is heating up with the arrival of Eternal®, a premier hybrid water heating system engineered to out -perform all other water heaters in the market place. Using patented counter -flow design and multi -pass heat exchanger technology, Eternal maintains an 86 percent thermal efficiency rating with consistent pressure.

Eternal GU32 is one of the cleanest gas burning appliances on the market, operating at a significantly lower emission rate than other water heaters. Eternal emits only 5ppm NOx (Nitrogen Oxide), a harmful greenhouse gas, well under the regulated 55 ppm NOx. Consistent water temperature and pressure is achieved with the heat exchanger configuration, an additional performance and safety issue with tankless water heaters. In addition, plumbers will also love Eternal because of the ease of installation, and that it is PVC ventable.

Combining the best of both tank and tankless systems, Eternal's inverted -infrared heat burner utilizes both thermal activation, similar to a tank, and flow activation, similar to a tankless to heat water. The design engineers of Eternal, while concerned with performance, were most importantly concerned with safety. Eternal is equipped with a precise computer monitoring system featuring multi -stage safety features that prevent scalding or cold water shock common with other water heaters on the market.

Product Development
Eternal was developed by William Home the founder and president of Grand Hall, parent company of Eternal. William, a frequent traveler returned home and became frustrated when his traditional tank water heater could not produce enough hot water to fill the tub. William decided to end his frustration and get a tankless water heater.

The frustration did not end there. The limitations of the tankless became very apparent after the first morning rush hour in his home. Anyone in the shower would be struck with a sobering cold stream of water if other taps or appliances were on. This led William to commission a team of engineers that would design a technologically advanced water heater that maintains consistent pressure and temperature.

Eternal Performance
• Efficient - Using patented counter -flow design and multi -pass heat exchanger technology, Eternal maintains 86 percent thermal efficiency with consistent pressure.
• Clean - Near Zero greenhouse gas emissions. Eternal emits, at its lowest, 5ppm NOx (Nitrous Oxide), well under the 55ppm emission requirements. This clean combustion process makes Eternal one of the cleanest burning appliances on the market.
• Safe - Engineers equipped Eternal with multi -stage safety features to ensure homeowners and their families are safe from cold shock, scalding or overheating.
• Reliable - Grand Hall offers a 20 year No -Leak Warranty on the stainless steel heat exchanger tank, A 10 Year Warranty for commercial, A Limited Three Year Warranty on all other parts, and One Year Warranty on reasonable labor for the unit.

For more information on Eternal, visit or by phone at 1 -877 -934 -7455.

About Grand Hall:
For more than 30 years, Grand Hall has remained a worldwide leading innovator and supplier of residential and commercial gas appliances and components. Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan with U.S. offices in Dallas, Texas, Grand Hall is an OEM manufacturer of gas grills for national premium brands. Reflecting its innovative approach to product development, Grand Hall is now expanding its product offerings to include Eternal® a completely new patented hybrid water heating system.

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