Now You Can Take Your Broadband Anywhere

New broadband option offers free smartphone for web and e-mail on the move

New broadband option offers free smartphone for web and e -mail on the move

BT takes broadband out of the home with the launch today of BT Total Broadband Anywhere, an all -inclusive package which offers a free, internet -capable smartphone - the BT ToGo - worth around £150, and BT's Total Broadband service in the home.

From £23.99 per month [1], only £5 more than the price of BT Total Broadband Option 3, the new BT Total Broadband Anywhere option delivers the most complete broadband experience, both at home and out and about - for surfing the web, sending and receiving e -mails, making calls or texting.

John Petter, managing director, Consumer at BT, said: "Broadband Anywhere customers get the total broadband experience - BT's top -of -the -range broadband service at home, and a free BT ToGo smartphone for when out and about or on the move."

"Communications services are converging, and it is clear that customers want consistent access to the things that matter not only at home, but in the palm of their hands wherever they are. When shopping, waiting for a train or having a coffee, Broadband Anywhere enables you to read e -mails, check the football score or compare prices."

Broadband Anywhere customers get a choice of two stylish, full -function BT ToGo smartphones[2] - the HTC S620 or S710 - both powered by Microsoft Windows Mobile 6. When in range of a WiFi hotspot, the BT ToGo connects to the internet at broadband speeds and provides cheaper calls through BT Broadband Talk[3]. When out of WiFi, there is a 10MB[4] monthly download allowance, and the package includes 50 call minutes and 50 texts on any network at any time[5]. Larger minute and text bundle options are also available.

The BT ToGo integrates seamlessly with many other BT Total Broadband services, and is preconfigured with a BT e -mail address, although customers are able to set up other popular email accounts easily. In addition, the BT ToGo comes with mobile security software for comprehensive virus protection.

The BT ToGo boasts a built -in camera for taking photos and video clips, and comes complete with a media player so customers can enjoy their favourite music and videos wherever they go. It also includes BT Snap & Send, which means photos taken with the BT ToGo can be quickly transferred to a personal online BT Digital Vault so they can be safely stored or instantly shared with family and friends.

At home, Broadband Anywhere customers get BT's premium Option 3 Total Broadband service, including a free, future -proof black wireless Home Hub with Hub Phone, download speeds of up to 8Mb/s[6] with unlimited downloads[7], advanced online security[8], free 5GB Digital Vault[9] secure online storage and free 24/7 customer support.

All Broadband Anywhere customers automatically join the BT FON WiFi community. Using any wireless device, including the BT ToGo, customers get unlimited WiFi access[7] at more than 82,000 BT FON Hotspots in the UK, a further 190,000 hotspots around the world and over 2,500 BT Openzone hotspots[10] in the UK and Ireland. A range of BT Total Broadband Anywhere packages are available, each offering BT's top of the range Total Broadband Option 3 and an inclusive BT ToGo:

Broadband Anywhere 50 Broadband Anywhere 150 Broadband Anywhere 250 Broadband Anywhere 600

Minutes 50 150 250 600
Texts 50 100 150 700
WiFi downloads Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
GPRS data downloads 10MB 10MB 10MB 10MB
TOTAL PRICE[1] From £23.99 pm From £33.99pm From £38.99 pm From £53.99 pm
Price on top of Option 3 £5.00 extra £15.00 extra £20.00 extra £35.00 extra

Households that require more than one BT ToGo can buy up to a further five for £29.99 each and an additional £5 per month for each handset, with all users sharing the same tariff.

New and existing BT Total Broadband customers can order Broadband Anywhere now by visiting or by calling 0800 800 150.

Internet access using the BT ToGo smartphone via GPRS and WiFi. Broadband speeds only achievable in areas with wireless broadband network.

1. Broadband Anywhere 50 - £23.99 pm for 3 months, then £29.99 thereafter. Broadband Anywhere 150 - £33.99 pm for 3 months, then £39.99 thereafter. Broadband Anywhere 250 - £38.99 pm for 3 months, then £44.99 thereafter. Broadband Anywhere 600 - £53.99pm for 3 months, then £59.99 thereafter. 18 Month minimum term applies. Introductory prices achievable via bill credits. Requires BT line and payment by Direct Debit. BT Broadband is subject to availability and conditions apply.

2. HTC S620 handset available free with any Broadband Anywhere option. HTC S710 is £29.99 on Broadband Anywhere 50 or 150.

3. Means 01, 02 and 03 numbers, excluding Channel Islands. Other exclusions apply. Pence per minute charging applies after one hour. Redial before one hour to avoid call charges. Opt -in required. Quality of reception may not match landline. Service restrictions apply, e.g. 999 calls. Limited emergency location information stored. Service will fail if there is a power failure or out of WiFi. Abuse policy applies.

4. 10MB usage per month. Additional usage will be charged at £1.50 per MB. Any allowance not used during the month may not be carried forward. As a launch promotion, all BT Total Broadband Anywhere customers receive unlimited GPRS usage for no additional cost until 31 July 2008. After that date, customers will be able to choose whether they wish to continue with unlimited GPRS (at additional charge) or retain the 10MB inclusive allowance.

5. Applies to calls to 01,02,03 and 07 numbers only. Excludes Channel Islands and Roaming. Any unused minutes and texts may be carried forward for one month only. Once the inclusive minutes have been used, calls will be charges at the Standard BT Mobile Rates.

6. If the line won't support up to 8Mb, BT will offer the best speed available on the line. Top speeds depend on a number of factors, including distance from the exchange. Factors affecting 8Mb speeds also include local availability and line test. Conditions apply.

7. Fair usage policy applies.

8. Some features of the service may be withdrawn or modified from time to time. They may also note be compatible with certain operating systems or other software, e.g. Mac and Microsoft Vista. Please see from time to time for details.

9. Opt in required. Service will continue providing it is used at least every 90 days. Auto Backup currently not Mac compatible. 20GB version available for £4.99 a month with one month minimum term. Conditions apply.

10. BT Total Broadband residential customers only. Unlimited monthly access minute allowance per connection (500 in Openzone Hotspots). Unused monthly minutes cannot be carried forward. Access available to BT Home Hub users in range of BT FON WiFi Community members' Hubs - coverage dependent on number in active use), BT Openzone Hotspots or FON access points. Wireless enabled equipment required. Conditions apply - see for details.

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