New Expanding Surge Protector Makes Plugging In Easier Than Ever

Anyone who has attempted to plug in several electronic devices knows that it's impossible to fit all of those oversized AC adapters into just one surge protector. Thankfully, now there's Socket Sense™

IDEATIVE recently announced the launch of its newest product, Socket Sense™ - a surge protector that expands to fit bulky and problematic AC adapters. Doing the job of two power strips, Socket Sense offers better functionality - for a neater and more organized workspace. It is priced competitively and, unlike traditional surge strips, guarantees the use of all six outlets.

According to Tavis Schriefer, President of IDEATIVE, 'Socket Sense revolutionizes surge protection. It's the first true innovation to this market in years. Consumers will finally be able to use every socket and manage their cables with ease.'

The innovation behind Socket Sense is simple yet highly effective. It is a surge protector that features movable sockets, which allow the entire strip to expand and contract for a perfect fit every time. Users can plug in any size of AC adapter, and expand the power strip to easily fit additional oversized adapters into the adjacent sockets.

In addition to being expandable, the outlets on Socket Sense are positioned at a 45 -degree angle. This innovative new design allows horizontal AC adapters, such as those found with many cell phone chargers, to fit into the socket without covering up the neighboring outlets.

From cell phone and Bluetooth chargers to USB devices and home theater components, more users are finding it a challenge to power their technology without resorting to unsafe methods. For example, many people who aren't able to utilize all outlets in their ordinary surge protector strip will daisy chain two or more surge strips together. This often leads to a double load of power being plugged into one wall outlet. With Socket Sense, users can easily plug into every socket in a single surge strip, no matter what size the adaptor - for a neater, safer and more economical surge protection solution.

Socket Sense is perfect for home offices, business environments, workshops, garages, home entertainment centers and many other applications.

Socket Sense Features and Specs

- 6 Fully Adjustable Sockets
- 2160 Joules of Surge Protection
- 6 and 12 Foot Power Cord
- UL Listed in US and Canada, RoHS and Prop -65

Socket Sense measures 13 inches, and expands up to 18 inches to accommodate oversized plugs. The product retails as low as $29.99. For additional information or to request a product sample, please visit:


Tavis Schriefer, President
IDEATIVE Product Ventures, Inc.
1846 E. Rosemeade Pkwy Suite 144
Carrollton, TX 75007 USA
877 -484 -IDEA x706


IDEATIVE is a veteran -owned company that innovates products designed to improve productivity, save money and solve problems. Founded in 2002, IDEATIVE works with select partners in engineering, prototyping and manufacturing, taking products from concept to production in as little as six months. For more information, visit

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