SoNet 08: Italtel LaunchesThe IMS Suite, the New Software Platform for Web 2.0

'The IMS Suite', Italtel's new platform, offers communication with anyone, anywhere, with any type of terminal or network, at low cost, through multimedia services.

London, Sofnet 08, April 29, 2008 - Integrated voice, data and video communications, based on the IMS standard for global convergence but also operating on traditional networks and IP/NGN. These are the distinctive features of Italtel IMS Suite: modular and unified platform, software powerhouse of the networks of tomorrow, and made by Italtel: one of the leading companies in designing and developing new -generation communications networks.

The world premiere presentation of the new Suite Italtel takes place today at Sofnet 08 (28 April - 1 May, Olympia National Hall, London), the first IEC -organised European convention on new software for new communications networks with particular emphasis on new technologies, supporting architecture and the impact of Web 2.0 on the business of telecom operators and service providers.

In the dynamic world of ICMT (Information, Communication & Media Technology), with its wide variety of solutions, services and communications networks, Italtel IMS Suite is designed and developed to offer telecom operators, service providers, and large corporations (but also web users) an effective convergence of networks and services, allowing full integration of voice, data and video to create value -added services and make them available as part of today's collaborative internet.

IMS Suite represents a bridge to Web 2.0 and the new generation of web applications, open in terms of development technologies, interfaces to other forms of communication, and in terms of simple accessibility. Telecommunications and information technology increasingly approach convergence in terms of both technologies and the services offered. And IMS Suite stands out for its capacity to integrate, in a single architecture, both the functionalities of a core IMS network and the basic capacities of a traditional legacy network, for example intelligent network services and public utility applications (like emergency services, disaster response, and wiretapping with a bench -issued warrant), that conform to the specific legislation for each country.

Similar legacy functionalities have been implemented in IMS Suite using dedicated software for the Italtel i -SSW softswitch, the Italtel engine that drives NGN networks and which was recently awarded the gold medal in the EMEA market for the fourth consecutive year.

In particular, in the area of network performance, Italtel IMS controls and manages an entire chain of web -based service enablers like Italtel Presence Server (i -PS), The Service Box (TSB) and third party application servers to design and develop combinations of basic communication services, i.e. typical Web 2.0 applications: for example, infomobility services with targeted search of points of interest on fixed and mobile terminals (such as public transport, chemists, and petrol stations); presence services to establish preferences, availability and types of communication (at which telephone number, on which device and with which service you can be reached); web communities' social networking applications, in which the very users of the community -prosumers -can design communications services quickly and reliably using the development tools made available by the Unified Service Layer (the services enabling layer), managed by the IMS Suite control platform.

Franco Serio, Italtel Chief Technology Officer, commented: "Why IMS plus ATCA for Italtel IMS Suite? Because the IMS standard, combined with ATCA technology and powered by Italtel middleware, represents the future of the telecommunications: open networks based on open software for services that are easy to create, and totally independent of the original development tools and environment. Italtel IMS Suite is one of the very few IMS standard solutions available on ATCA technology and hardware. Our platform, through Italtel's service enabler The Service Box, is designed to enable new value -added web -based services while at the same time allowing a gradual migration from the NGN networks environment to that of the IP Multimedia Subsystem standard."

In terms of the components that define and complete Italtel's network solutions, Italtel IMS Suite has three principal software functionalities: control and management of IP communications (CSCF - Call Session Control Function), the database for managing user profiles (HSS - Home Subscriber Server), and telephony applications control (TAS - Telephony Application Server) for recorded telephone announcements, audio -conferencing, signalling gateways, and simulation in the core IMS network of PSTN/ISDN traditional network services.

And in terms of operational and functional capacity, Italtel IMS Suite passed the trials with flying colours at the IMS Interoperability Evaluation event, promoted by the founders of the IP Multimedia Subsystem standard, 3GPP (Third Generation Partnership Project) and TISPAN (Telecoms & Internet converged Services & Protocols for Advanced Networks). 3GPP and TISPAN set up the event to gauge the state of the art in IMS solutions and networks. The trials, carried out at Telecom Italia Labs in Turin, certified the full interoperability of Italtel IMS Suite with the IMS solutions and networks of the world's foremost Telco producers.


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