SofNet 08: Italtel Presents Its Web 2.0 Experience

At the London exhibition Italtel will be demonstrating technologies and services targeted towards the development of the new Internet world: Web 2.0 and its communications potential.

London, Sofnet 08, Olympia National Hall, April 29, 2008 - Italtel, ICT solution provider and European leader in IP/NGN networks will be presenting its most recent developments in networks and communications services: IMS Suite, the new middleware platform for fixed -mobile convergence compliant with the IMS standard, and IPTV enhanced with new combined services. At stand 6002, visitors will be able to experience the new services made possible by Italtel's technology and service enablers.

IMS Suite is a system able to respond to the multi -faced demands of the ICT market, developed both for NGN and for architecture and service convergent networks founded on global standard IMS. IMS Suite permits data, voice and network technology convergence in a single IP -based network infrastructure; the provision of value -added services can therefore be managed quickly and efficiently, enabling end users to enjoy personalised and diversified communications experiences. IMS Suite completes Italtel's catalogue of network solutions based on the Sofswitch i -SSW platform, adopted by 25 service providers worldwide and dedicated to NGN - Next Generation Networks.

Both platforms are engines of Italtel's Service Layer, the network element made up of specific service enablers, namely software enablers resident on server applications, compliant with all ICT standards and applications, on which communications services released from the traditional telecommunications networks but present on the web as pure IT applications can be used quickly and with the utmost flexibility, and can be reached at any time by means of simple communications interfaces.

In particular, The Service Box, the service enabler that received an award at the Broadband World Forum in Berlin as a new product concept, is not just a tool for pure web service access, it's a customised environment, free of tools and proprietary programming languages, for the co -design of evolved communications services calibrated on the basis of the business models of service providers or to the needs of users.

The new concept of television over IP, presented by Italtel at Sofnet 2008 is a fine example of this. In the demo performed at stand # 6002, Italtel demonstrates its ability to integrate system management support services and the service provider's business (B/OSS service) on a commercial IPTV platform. Services include provisioning, service assurance, user profile management, reporting and control of malfunctions, billing systems and service notifications to customers.

Italtel's IPTV is therefore a technological box of evolved communications services, resulting from the mashup of several applications within the same service provided to the customer.

- Sms, Instant Messaging, voice calls: through the service enabler, the Service Box, these applications are sent as messages to the TV and activated at the same time as the IP video transmission requested by the customer

- Vod Recommendation Engine: in parallel to the IP video on demand (which has the same functions as a video recorder), the services centre sends adverts, info trailers, news related to the video requested and to the specific Vod customer profile

- Home Automation: through messages sent in real time to the TV, at the same time as the requested IP video, the service provides information on status of domotic applications (for example video surveillance, remote -controlled domestic appliances, alerts of failures in the gas, water, electricity systems)

- News/Info Mobility: this service provides real -time minute -by -minute information on traffic and road conditions, directly on the screen and at the same time as the requested video.

Italtel's TV over IP is based on a dual skill required of the system/service provider: to be a system integrator of the backoffice tools and of the management of the various technologies underlying the IPTV network and, at the same time, to design combined services tailored to meet the customer's requirements within the scope of the base platform.

This is the logic underlying Italtel's Web 2.0 concept: there's no killer application, but lots of services, brought together, to generate traffic and business opportunities.

Web 2.0 topics, relative key technologies, the envisaged market evolution and Italtel's experience in the sector will be illustrated in more depth Franco Serio, Chief Technology Officer, at the plenary session of the Sofnet 08 Conference (9.00 - 10.30 | Tuesday, April 29) entitled Web Services Redefine the Platform for New Services.

Giorgio Bertolina, Italtel Chief Executive Officer, will attend the Executive Roundtable 'The 21st Century Innovation Ecosystem' (13:30 - 16:00 | Tuesday, April 29), chaired by Matt Bross, Group CTO of British Telecom.

Technologies, systems, Italtel demo, Laneyards Merchandise Sponsor of Sofnet 2008 (28 April - 1 May), will be presented at stand # 6002, Olympia National Hall, London.


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