DPL Universe Continues to Expand as Audiovox's Acoustic Research Division Signs On

Nine Top Brands Now on Board with DPL Program

ORMOND BEACH, FL - APRIL 24, 2008 - DPL Laboratories Inc., (DPL Labs) announced today that it has signed a definitive agreement with Audiovox Corporation's Acoustic Research division (AR) to join the DPL HD Performance Testing and Certification program. AR joins a growing stable of powerful brands committed to the concept of marketing high -performance HDMI products. Currently, the DPL program is supported by nine brands which in addition to AR includes: Honeywell, Next Generation, Phoenix Gold, Signature Wire Corp., VizionWare, SR Components Inc., Ethereal, and Direct Connect.

Acoustic Research was founded in 1952 by Edgar Villchur and Henry Kloss and has a long history of innovative products in the consumer electronics industry. Now part of the Audiovox Corporation, their current line of products, including cables and interconnects, continues this tradition. With a strong engineering background…coupled with unique and innovative applications of technology…AR has earned an enviable reputation as an innovator dedicated to providing superior products.

Max Weinbrenner, Senior Product Manager for Acoustic Research Premium Products, in commenting on these developments said, "DPL is dedicated to providing simple but accurate performance -based rankings on products utilizing key technologies such as HDMI. We wholeheartedly support their efforts to both elevate product performance and at the same time simplify the consumer purchasing experience."

DPL Labs President, Jeff Boccaccio adds, "Companies like AR are to be commended not only for their long and enviable history of fine products, but for their continuing dedication to engineering high performance, high -quality products with the latest and finest technologies.
We are thrilled to have them as part of the DPL family of companies."

Audiovox Corporation, parent company of Acoustic Research, is a leading international supplier and value added service provider in the consumer electronics industry. The Company conducts its business through subsidiaries and markets mobile and consumer electronics and accessories products both domestically and internationally under several of its own brands. It also functions as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) supplier to a wide variety of customers, through several distinct distribution channels. For additional information, please visit Audiovox on the Web at http://www.audiovox.com.

DPL Laboratories, Inc. of Ormond Beach, FL administers the DPL HD Performance Testing & Certification Program in which their independent laboratory tests advanced digital products, such as HDMI™ cables, against an objective performance standard and determines an accurate ranking based on actual data -backed results…not marketing hype. Consumers can then use this simple numeric ranking to assist them in purchasing the correct product for their application. Look for the DPL performance certification seal as your assurance of quality product performance.

Manufacturers participating in the DPL program are dedicated to providing their customers with the highest possible level of performance. They are equally committed to helping reduce the level of confusion that consumers face as they try to select the proper HDMI™ product for their needs. Participating brands include Acoustic Research, Next Generation, Honeywell, Ethereal, Direct Connect, SR Components, Inc., Signature Wire Corp., Phoenix Gold, and VizionWare.

To see a continuously updated list of participating manufacturers, or to get more details on this program, see online at: http://www.dplrating.org or call 386/615 -2324.

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