New technology IP Camera makes IR LEDs redundant

Marmitek introduces 4 new IP cameras; IP Eye Anywhere 10, 11, 20 and 21!

Marmitek introduces the IP Eye Anywhere, an IP camera without infrared LEDs. IR LEDs are often built in standard IP cameras for extra lighting in the dark. A big disadvantage of these LEDs however is that they distort the colours of the image very badly. Because of the development of the IP Eye Anywhere without IR LEDs you are sure of true -to -life rendering of the colours. With the professional lens of the IP Eye Anywhere you have an undiminished clear image, even in low light conditions.

Possibilities and options
With this camera you can watch or record the images live throughout the world and mail them (automatically) to your email addresses or FTP server without using a computer. The innovative technology of the IP Eye Anywhere is supported by every popular web browser, and results in the best possible picture quality. Order the IP Eye Anywhere in the model of your choice; wired, wireless, with or without built -in microphone, MPEG4 video compression and autonomous recording possibility (on USB stick).

The IP Eye Anywhere has a built -in web server with its own IP address. The ideal solution for 'watching or attending from a distance'. You might want to guard your holiday home from the other side of Europe, attend your aunt's birthday from a different continent, or join in a business meeting without the exhausting flight. Real -time images around the world, and thanks to the improved quality it seems as if you are there in person.

Keen eye for quality
What more do you expect from an IP camera, besides quality in picture? Marmitek has fitted the four models of the IP Eye Anywhere with intelligent functions, which make it possible to operate the cameras remotely. Thanks to the secured access using a password, the images are 'for your eyes only'. You can adapt the resolution and digital zoom to your preferences. The camera has a function to mail images automatically to your pc, both periodic as through motion detection. With the included UltraView software recording, sending and saving of the material is a piece of cake. With this software you also can watch multiple IP Eye Anywhere cameras (up to 16) simultaneously. Of course the IP Eye Anywhere is not only the solution for long distances, but also indoors or within your company. You can for instance keep an eye on the nursery, or install the cameras to keep an eye on your patients. Your warehouse will never leave your sight because of these cameras. A feeling of safety, thanks to the smart solutions by Marmitek.

IP Eye Anywhere 10, 11, 20 and 21
The IP Eye Anywhere 10 (wired) and 11 (wireless) operate with the Motion JPEG format. This MJPEG supplies video files of superb quality, because each image is saved separately as picture. Nevertheless your files are not getting too large, thanks to the motion detector on the camera; only make a recording if there actually is something going on! The IP Eye Anywhere 20 (wired) and 21 (wireless) go a step further. Arthur van Horssen, Sales & Marketing manager of Marmitek: 'These advanced models use high quality MPEG4 compression. That means that you will always see flowing images, even if the connection to the internet is actually too slow. The compression keeps the video files small and therefore easy to send and watch, even on your mobile phone. Besides that, both cameras have a built -in microphone and can operate autonomously when there is no network or router nearby! We have fitted the IP Eye Anywhere 20 and 21 with a USB connection, so you can save the images on a USB stick and watch them later!'

The retail prices of the IP Eye Anywhere vary, depending on the model you choose, from 99 to 199 euro.

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