GOERTZ Wire Relocates to Efficient, Modern Plant

Parent company consolidates operations to 6 Waterview Drive, Shelton, Connecticut


Legendary GOERTZ Wire Relocates to Efficient, Modern Plant

Shelton, CT. April, 2008 -GOERTZ by Alpha -Core (www.goertzaudio.com), manufacturers of the legendary low impedance flat audio cable brand, has announced the relocation of the company's facilities to 6 Waterview Drive, Shelton, Connecticut.

Alpha -Core, Inc. was founded by Ulrik Poulsen in 1982, manufacturing magnetic cores in Bridgeport, Connecticut. In 1986, operations were expanded to include complete transformer design and manufacturing under the brand name Tortran. The Goertz audio wire brand has operated as a division of Alpha -Core, and now all of Poulsen's ventures are comfortably housed in an efficient 45,000 square foot facility employing a full time staff of 30 and growing. All manufacturing, warehousing, quality control, customer service, accounting, and sales are now centrally located in the Shelton plant all under the name Bridgeport Magnetics Group. "We purchased this building, which is only twelve miles from our original plant in Bridgeport -the entire staff has remained through the relocation," stated Poulsen proudly. "Another attractive asset is that there is room for substantial expansion. The local zoning allows a 50% increase in size should we choose to go that route," Poulsen added.

Goertz audio cables have earned an international reputation for exceptional sonic quality and real -world value based on legitimate engineering principals. "We are all very proud of the Goertz product line and our unique design," said Poulsen. Goertz cables are the only flat audio wire that features laminated conductors one atop the other -not side by side like other products. "Goertz cables deliver ultra -low impedance (in the single digits) as a direct byproduct of their patented architecture, which delivers measurable sonic advantages compared to traditional conductors," explained Poulsen.

The Bridgeport Magnetics facility is also home to company's latest venture, Poulsen Hybrid, offering retrofit solutions designed to convert conventional automobiles into Hybrids (www.poulsenhybrid.com). Bridgeport Magnetics can be reached at 203 -954 -0050.

About GOERTZ cables by Alpha -Core, Inc: GOERTZ cables were developed by Alpha -Core, Inc and adapted as a loudspeaker cable by Ole Goertz, a Danish electronics and audio engineer. The GOERTZ concept is patented throughout the world and founded on the principle that an audio cable should do absolutely nothing to the signal passing through it. The distortion of an audio signal along a speaker cable depends on the cable's electrical parameters, mainly its resistance and inductance per unit length. A high AWG number means high resistance, which will degrade the bass and low mid range frequencies, whereas a high inductance will typically roll -off the treble and high mid range frequencies. Because both parameters affect the signal relative to cable length, they become a grave concern for long runs of wire in quality home theater and multi room audio installations. The patented GOERTZ cables have become famous for their low inductance and resistance characteristics, as well as their unique flat packaging.

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