Atrato and Seagate Bring New Levels of Security and Access to MusicGiants Content Delivery Model

This partnerhip will integrate Seagate Secure™ and DriveTrust™ to enable secure digital content distribution to MusicGiants' high-end customers.

Platform Designed to Meet the Needs of High -End, High Definition Home Theaters

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Las Vegas, NV - April 14, 2008 - Atrato, Inc. (, a leading provider of high -volume on -demand storage for the high performance computing, digital entertainment and Web sectors, and Seagate Technology (NYSE:STX), the worldwide leader in hard disk drives and storage solutions, today announced that MusicGiants has integrated Atrato V1000 systems into its content delivery platform. The systems will integrate Seagate Secure™ hard disk drives with DriveTrust™ full disk encryption (FDE) technology to enable secure digital content distribution to MusicGiants' high -end customers.
The partnership will support end -to -end content distribution to ensure the highest quality and security available, while eliminating compatibility issues with various operating systems and digital rights management (DRM) software. As a result, consumers will find new levels of ease and enjoyment from their entertainment systems.

'MusicGiants delivers the highest quality films and music directly into high -end customers' home theater systems,' said Scott Bahneman, CEO of MusicGiants. 'We have over 40 manufacturers that are integrating our HD content store in their audio and video equipment, so we have to support several different configurations. This new system from Atrato and Seagate provides us with the extreme availability, bandwidth, reliability and security we need to make sure our customers have a flawless experience today and into the future.'

As a leader in the distribution of HD entertainment, MusicGiants provides a unique platform that delivers high quality content directly into home theaters. Currently the only digital music company licensed in HD from all of the major music labels; MusicGiants recently expanded its high quality content offering to include movies and television with its new VideoGiants service.

MusicGiants' content makes its partners hardware look and sound better because MusicGiants delivers the full amount of data that makes up a song or film, instead of eliminating bits of the data to save on delivery or storage costs like all other digital service providers do. Because of this, the demands on MusicGiants delivery system are severe. 'Sometimes music or video purchased from us is ten times the size of the same song or film obtainable from another provider so our delivery systems have to be up to the task,' said Bahneman.

MusicGiants' content delivery vault is at the heart of its distribution model. The content delivery vault embeds Atrato's V1000 storage system and functions as an ingest engine, distribution platform and format processing system. Atrato's V1000 was selected for its ability to meet the high I/O bandwidth and multi -platform support for high bit -rate quality video and music.

The content delivery vault also incorporates Seagate Secure encrypted drives to ensure multiple layers of security throughout the distribution process. At the data level, block level encryption is used to secure data while in -flight between various storage elements. At the system level, disk drives run compatibility checks and provide content access only with the assigned system enclosure.

'Consumers of high -definition, high -fidelity entertainment will love this solution,' said Patrick King, senior vice president of Seagate's Consumer Solutions Division. 'Through the Atrato/Seagate partnership, owners of high -end home entertainment systems will now have the content to match the quality of their systems. And content providers will also win with the security and flexibility of the MusicGiants digital content delivery system.'

'MusicGiants has a strong vision for end -to -end secure content delivery and is bringing new innovations and advancements to the market,' said Steve Visconti, EVP of Atrato. 'We are pleased that the company has chosen our V1000 system to provide the intelligence and power behind their content delivery vault. MusicGiants quickly recognized the power of the system to address the sheer volume of content they are managing, across multiple formats.'

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