Accell has the Competition Beat with their New Line of DisplayPort Cables

Possibly the first DisplayPort cables or adapter products on the market, Accell provides attractive products of high quality, without sacrificing performance

Fremont, Calif., April 1, 2008 - Accell, a leader of enhanced interconnect connectivity, has announced they are preparing the release of a complete line of DisplayPort cables with availability starting at the end of April 2008.

Widely recognized as delivering affordable enhanced connectivity products, Accell is one of few to deliver DisplayPort cables. One of three products from their upcoming line, the UltraAV DisplayPort cables deliver both digital video and digital audio in one compact cable, and are HDCP and DPCP compatible. They will be available in 3, 6, 10 and 16 -foot lengths and support up to 1080p HD resolution and 2560x1600 computer resolution. Prices start at $39.99 MSRP.

Accell's UltraAV DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter cable adapts a DisplayPort interface to an HDMI interface, requires no external power, and supports color depths of up to 36 -bits for billions of colors. It is also HDCP and DPCP compatible, and supports up to 1080p HD resolution and 2560x1600 computer resolution.

Lastly, the UltraAV DisplayPort to DVI Adapter cable adapts a DisplayPort interface to a Digital Visual Interface. Requiring no external power, this adapter cable supports up to 1080p TV resolution and 1900x1200 computer resolution, as well as supports color depths of up to 24 -bits.

"Due to the convergence of computing and home theater, we see a growing need for enhanced A/V cables in the PC market," said Tenny Sin, Accell's Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "With computers becoming more powerful as new technology like DisplayPort is introduced, their ability and role in playing high -definition audio and video content is evolving, and Accell is proud to be one of the first to market."

DisplayPort is a digital display interface standard that can be used to connect a computer to a monitor, HDTV or projector. It is replacing DVI on PC video cards and is able to transmit both video and audio over a single cable. Ideal for both the PC market and A/V market, PC users with a DisplayPort enabled graphics card can connect to a DisplayPort enabled display or adapt the DisplayPort enabled PC to their existing HDMI or DVI enabled display.

About Accell
Accell Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of BizLink Technology, is focused on the design, manufacture and delivery of affordable, high quality connectivity products including audio/video interconnects and distribution systems, computer and networking cables. Accell produces high quality and innovative connectivity products by combining the low cost benefits of a global manufacturer and the design capabilities of a Silicon Valley based engineering and marketing team. Accell is a member of CEDIA and CEA. For more information, please visit our Web site at

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