VizionWare Takes Best of Demo Alley Honors at EHX Spring 2008

Leading Active Interconnect Company Wins "Most Entertaining Presentation" with Hi-Wirez Series Demonstration

AUSTIN, Texas - March 24, 2008 - VizionWare, the Texas -based active interconnect company, was honored at the Electronic House Expo (EHX) Spring 2008, winning a Best of Demo Alley (BODA) award with a presentation featuring its Hi -Wirez™ 1650 and 3400 Series advanced digital HDMI interconnects. Partnering with AudioControl, CodexNovus, James Loudspeaker, Planar and Screen Research, VizionWare helped earn the award for "Most Entertaining Presentation" at the three -day expo held March 13 -15 in Orlando, Fla.

"We are honored to receive this Best of Demo Alley award," said Ben Jamison, vice president of sales and marketing for VizionWare. "Having the Hi -Wirez 1650 and 3400 Series play a key role in such an impressive demonstration underscores the value of superior cables and helps further establish VizionWare's reputation as the industry leader in advanced digital HDMI interconnect technology."

Voted on by editors from CE Pro, who visited and judged all Demo Alley presentations, the honor received at EHX Spring 2008 marked the third -consecutive BODA award won by VizionWare at an EHX show.

VizionWare's Hi -Wirez Active HDMI 1650 Series interconnects, up to 30 meters in length, have passed both the ATC and SimplayHD Labs testing qualifications and were granted the prestigious SimplayHD certification of compliance. Featuring a versatile slim -head design with Intelligent Power Management (IPM) technology, the 1650 Series emphasizes light weight flexibility of the cable and custom installation ease. Its embedded power management technology provides an improved hot plug detector to prevent cable or equipment damage. VizionWare's exclusive IPM implementation enhances hot plug detection capabilities and automatically powers off the cable when not in use to conserve energy and prevent damage.

Without question the finest HDMI interconnects on the market, Hi -Wirez 3400 Series delivers blazing speed while providing the best in HDMI technology and innovation. With technology advancing at an exceedingly high rate, installers can now integrate 3400 Series interconnects into the home for future innovations. Compliant to HDMI Type A, Category 2 standards, these interconnects provide transfer speeds up to 10.2Gb/sec and support for "deep color" video and "lossless" audio, ensuring that wires installed today will support tomorrow's technology. 3400 Series interconnects are available at lengths up to 20 meters, allowing installers to make their current installations "future ready" for the consumer.

Talking Points
• VizionWare, along with partners AudioControl, CodexNovus, James Loudspeaker, Planar and Screen Research, received the Best of Demo Alley (BODA) award for "Most Entertaining Presentation" at EHX Spring 2008.
• All BODA winners were selected by CE Pro editors, who judged all Demo Alley presentations
• Hi -Wirez 1650 Series Active HDMI interconnects, from 5 to 20 meters in length, have been granted the prestigious SimplayHD verification for compliance.
• Hi -Wirez 3400 Series Active HDMI interconnects are the only interconnects that meet HDMI Type A, Category 2 standard at lengths up to 20 meters; four times longer than any other solution.
• Hi -Wirez 3400 Series Active HDMI interconnects are "future ready", ensuring that future generations of increasingly advanced AV products can be added to a current installation.

About VizionWare

VizionWare has developed and applied a patented core silicon technology to create a complete family of next generation digital interconnect products. The company's award -winning digital technology delivers numerous unique technological advances - including image -enhancing circuitry, signal balancing and enhanced transmission technology between the source and sink cable ends - leading to unprecedented improvements to HDMI and DVI digital interconnect cables and adapters. These key advances overcome the limitations of passive analog and pseudo -active cables, enhancing transmission between the source and sink cable ends. The technologies also lower EMI radiation and interference with other wired and wireless connections, while delivering theater quality signals to the display independent of cable length.

For more information about VizionWare and its innovative products, please visit or call 512 -493 -9660.

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