TruAudio Continues to (R)Evolve - New 6.5\' Version

TruAudio is now releasing a full assortment of a 6.5 inch version of the Revolve Series to compliment the current 8 inch version.


TruAudio continues to (R)EVOLVE. New 6.5" Line of InCeiling Home Theater Speakers

ST. GEORGE, UTAH - March 20th, 2008 - The REVOLVE Series of InCeiling LCR and Surround speakers are one of the most successful categories in the extensive TruAudio line. TruAudio is now releasing a full assortment of a 6.5 inch version of the Revolve Series to compliment the current 8 inch version. The smaller footprint will allow installation into areas that require a smaller size, yet still need to deliver rich, full sound.

About the Revolve Series. Space can sometimes be at a premium in a home. In the room where you want a surround sound system, the wall or floor may not be a place for your speakers due to a window or fireplace being in the way, or simply due to the "Wife -Acceptance -Factor". Because of the Revolves forward thinking design, you will accomplish a great home theater solution without using any wall space since they are meant to be mounted into the ceiling. They are built to deliver the exceptional sound quality expected in home theater and are very easy to install.

The REV6 -LCR Models. With a model to fit any budget, these LCR speakers are designed to perform as the front left, center, or right speaker. As with all of the LCR models, they can be rotated to point toward the listening area. The midrange and/or tweeter (depending on the model) rest on a rotating, proprietary bridge to give you even more control over the direction of the sound. Its technology represents years of research and development to design an InCeiling LCR configured on the same plane whose sonic images fire directly toward the audience. Impedance of all the REV6 Series is 8 ohms and more details on each are as follows:
REV6 -LCR.1 boasts a 6.5" carbon fiber woofer, 2" dual carbon fiber midranges and a ¾" titanium swivel tweeter. Power handling is 150 watts, sensitivity is 92 dB, 37 -22 kHz Freq. Response, and it features the magnetic EZ Frame. $350 each retail.
REV6 -LCR.2 also uses a 6.5" carbon fiber woofer and a ¾" titanium swivel tweeter (no midranges). Power handling is 125 watts, sensitivity is 91 dB, 39 -20 kHz Freq. Response, and it features the magnetic EZ Frame. $250 each retail.
REV6 -LCR.3 is a budget conscious model that incorporates a 6.5" polypropylene woofer, and ¾" silk dome swivel tweeter. Power handling is 100 watts, sensitivity is 90 dB, 40 -20 kHz Freq. Response, and uses a standard grill. $150 each retail.

REV6 - SUR.1 is an InCeiling Bi -Pole surround speaker. Typically, effects/surround speakers are available only On -Wall, In -Wall or In -Room. It uses a 6.5" woven carbon woofer and an innovative tweeter bridge uses dual pivoting ¾" titanium tweeters that allow the user even more flexibility in placement. Power handling is 150 watts; sensitivity is 90 dB, 39 -20 kHz Freq. Response, and uses the magnetic EZ Frame. $500 pair retail. A lower price point version is planned for later this year.

Continuing to (R)EVOLVE - TruAudio.

TRU believers in architectural speaker innovation, TruAudio designs and manufactures a full line of premium -quality custom audio products. Our engineers go to great lengths to make sure our in -wall, in -ceiling and outdoor loudspeakers blend into any background, yet deliver unforgettable performances. We sell our audio products only through a limited number of Certified TruAudio Dealers across the country. Each dealer meets our high standards for premiere customer service and flawless installation. TruAudio absolutely backs up every set of TruAudio speakers with a Lifetime Warranty.

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