Sunfire Cinema Ribbon In -Wall Garners Prestigious CEA Mark of Excellence Award

Company's Innovative Solution of Hidden High Performance Rated Finest for In-Wall / In-Ceiling Loudspeaker Category

Snohomish, WA March 21, 2008 - Sunfire Corp., a leading specialist in the design, manufacture and marketing of luxury home theater goods for the custom installation and custom retail markets, was recognized for its CRW -3 Cinema Ribbon In -Wall loudspeaker by a panel of experts at the CEA Mark of Excellence Awards Dinner on Friday March 14 in Orlando. Florida.

The innovative CRW -3 custom speaker solution was judged the Finest In -Wall/In -Ceiling loudspeaker in the prestigious CEA Mark of Excellence program. Combined with the newly introduced XT -Series SubRosa in -wall subwoofer, the Cinema Ribbon In -Wall loudspeakers complete the promise of hidden high performance. SubRosa was a finalist in the Best Subwoofer category.

The CRW -3 ($1100 each MSRP) is designed for L/R (left right) applications while CRW -3C ($1350 each) may be configured as either a center channel or LR. Available now, both models are part of Sunfire's XT -Series, a special collection of more than a dozen of the legendary brand's finest products.

"Building on Sunfire's legacy in compact high performance subwoofers, we have realized a similar impact in loudspeakers with our Cinema ribbon family. The response from the industry has been nothing short of amazing." explained Sunfire General Manager Mark Weisenberg. "Sunfire's new Cinema Ribbon In -Walls take our proven design philosophy to architectural applications with a new level of performance for in -wall speakers. Though we have won numerous awards and achieved high critical acclaim, the Mark of Excellence recognition as Finest In -Wall loudspeaker is truly special and greatly appreciated."

The CRW -3 and CRW -3C will handle up to 450 watts of power, unheard of for in -wall speakers. Yet despite their astonishing power handling capability, each boasts a sensitivity rating of 90dB and a nominal impedance of 6 ohms so they can be driven with modest -sized amplifiers. The Cinema Ribbon in -walls are well -suited for both critical music listening as well as lifelike home theater and are ideally matched with SubRosa.

The Sunfire Cinema Ribbon loudspeakers were conceived and designed based on the extensive psychoacoustic research conducted by Sunfire. The front -firing ribbon creates amazing detail with controlled dispersion to eliminate unwanted reflections off the ceiling and floor. Low frequencies are handled by three 4.5" High Back -emf woofers (four on the CRW -3C) that are based on Sunfire's award -winning subwoofers. Moreover, all Cinema Ribbon loudspeakers deliver extraordinary performance and lifelike imaging without any aesthetic compromise or sacrifice of floor space.

The CRW -3 utilizes the same 6" ribbon and 4.5" High Back -emf drivers as the CRW -3. On the center channel, the drivers and crossover are arranged in a "tapered array" that drastically reduces the combing effects found in other multi -
driver configurations, while keeping the ribbon centered for accurate localization of dialog. Furthermore, the CRW -3C incorporates an ingenious acoustic lens comprised of graduated louvers which creates 50% greater dispersion when mounted horizontally for a wider sweet spot. For added versatility, the lens is removable for vertical installation in a traditional LCR configuration.

The CRW -3 and CRW -3C both feature sealed enclosures for enhanced bass performance and improved sound isolation to adjacent rooms. Binding posts accommodate both bi -amping and bi -wiring; a feature rarely found on in -wall loudspeakers. Intelligent Tweeter Shaping via a ribbon level adjustment allows fine tuning of ribbon output to match the room characteristics and listener's personal taste. These unique features are sure to please audiophile enthusiasts who desire the highest levels of performance with the benefits of an architectural application.

For the custom dealer, the Cinema Ribbon in -walls feature an installer -friendly wire -channel for fast, easy installation. Grilles attach to the speaker via magnets which provides quick installation and removal as well as a clean architectural appearance. Even the paint mask is magnetic for easier use than the conventional friction fit cardboard typically supplied with most in -wall speakers.

Key Cinema Ribbon Trio In -Wall Features:
Three 4.5" high back -emf drivers for astonishing bass (four on the CRW -3C)
6" high efficiency ribbons deliver amazing detail and lifelike imaging
Fully sealed cabinet for enhanced bass response as well as improved sound isolation to adjacent rooms
Unique bi -ampable and bi -wirable binding posts for even higher performance and added versatility
Magnetic grille, rather than friction fit, offers easy removal and installation with clean architectural design

About CEA Mark of Excellence Program
The Mark of Excellence Awards program, presented by the TechHome Division of the Consumer Electronics Association, recognizes the best in custom home electronics products and installed technology. Each year, manufacturers, distributors, and systems integrators enter to compete in award categories for this coveted honor judged by independent experts within the industry.

The annual program culminates with the announcement of the winners at the Mark of Excellence Awards Dinner, held during the EHX (Electronic House Expo) Spring event in Orlando, Florida at the Orange CountyConvention Center.

About Sunfire
Based in Snohomish, Washington Sunfire LLC designs, develops, manufactures and markets luxury home theater and audio products that deliver exceptional performance, features and value, creating powerful, emotional experiences wherever they are heard.

Dedicated to improving the state of the art in audio processing for home theater, Sunfire's numerous patented technologies represent over 35 years of scientific research culminating in several industry firsts. Innovative patents include the Tracking Downconverter™ power supply used in the company's acclaimed, award -winning subwoofers and amplifiers, as well as the High Pressure, High Back -emf technology also used in its subwoofers.

For media inquiries please contact Peter Hoagland at his mobile # (703) 989 -3680 or by email Complete information on Sunfire, its products and technology is readily available

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