Wins Technical Achievement Award at SXSW Festival

Online collaboration tool used to host remote meetings and collaborate in real time, announces that it won in the "Technical Achievement" category of the South by South West Interactive Festival (SXSW).


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(Los Angeles, California), March 17, 2008 - Twiddla, an online collaboration tool that can be used to host remote meetings and collaborate in real time, announced today that it won in the "Technical Achievement" category of the South by South West Interactive Festival (SXSW). The Technical Category recognizes companies for re -inventing and re -defining the technical parameters of the online experience. The interactive festival attracted digital creatives as well as visionary technology entrepreneurs, celebrating the brightest minds of emerging technology.

Twiddla, still in its beta stage, is a Web -based platform that helps distributed teams meet virtually and collaborate in real time. Twiddla provides tools to create mark -ups of live Websites, uploaded images, or a blank canvas and offers users an opportunity to speak with one another, via The service integrates Voice over IP and Web 2.0, enabling the Webpage to become the handset for person -to -person and person -to -group verbal communications, within the context of the Twiddla Website. is platform/browser agnostic and does not require the end -user to surrender personal information, use a phone or download any software.

"Meeting and collaborating online without enlisting a tech support team or needing a big corporate budget presents challenges. Twiddla eliminates those challenges." said Ben Satterfield, Twiddla co -Founder. "We are honored to have won the technical achievement award."

"Twiddla's online collaboration offering provides a great example of how verbal communications can be integrated into Websites and online communities," said Tim Panton, Founder and CEO, "Twiddla has been a great partner in working to provide these verbal communications services in a way that is relevant to its user base."

Winners of the SXSW awards were announced Monday, March 10th, culminating five days of events which included exciting panel content and amazing parties.

"We are honored to have won the technical achievement award for helping to expand the boundaries of what can be done on the Web," said Jason Kester, Co -founder of Twiddla.

About Twiddla
Twiddla is a free, real -time online collaboration tool. Its easy to use and access: no plug -ins or downloads, no need to work around complex firewalls, no advanced scheduling. Twiddla's available 24 -7 and the only requirement is a computer with an Internet connection and a web browser. It's browser -agnostic, user friendly, and free. delivers instant, verbal communication to Web users and communities with no requirement for the end user to surrender personal information use a phone or download software. The service includes an end -user analysis and custom integration into an existing Website. gives Web users the opportunity to leverage person -to -person speech within the context of a Website - increasing its traffic and stickiness by delivering worry -free, live voice chat opportunities. is platform and browser agnostic.


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