Founder to Challenge Traditional Verbal Communication Service Models at VON.x



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For Immediate Release Founder to Challenge
Traditional Verbal Communication Service Models at VON.x

(San Jose, CA - March 17, 2008) Founder & CEO, Tim Panton will be part of the panel session "2.0 This! - Rethinking the Service Creation Model" at VONx. on Thursday, March 20th at 10:45 AM. Tim Panton will discuss new and creative Web applications and together the panelists will debate what these developments mean for traditional verbal communication service models and for the future of communication.

"Telco's need to open their services to third party developers without forcing them to jump through hoops because there are already very simple solutions that exist," said Tim Panton. "For instance, developers can be on the Web one day and have their VoIP application up and running the next day."

Tim Panton created, which delivers person -to -person or person -to -group verbal communication by turning the Web page into a handset. It marks the first instances of enabling Web users immediate access to voice communication without downloading any software, surrendering personal information, or using a phone. provides Websites with an end -user analysis as well as custom integration into an existing Website.

A software developer for 25 years and expert with deep technical insight on the protocols and applications that power the Web, including: VoIP, Java, Asterisk and Open source, Tim Panton was the technical architect behind several successful Internet startup companies and has most recently been championing innovative integration of voice technologies in the social networking market for

About delivers instant, verbal communication to Web users and communities with no requirement for the end user to surrender personal information, use a phone or download software. The service includes end -user analysis and custom integration into an existing Website. gives Web users the opportunity to leverage person -to -person speech within the context of a Website - increasing Website traffic and stickiness by delivering worry -free, live voice chat opportunities. is browser agnostic. For more information, visit

About VON.x
VON.x has set its sights on the continuing evolution of Internet Communications. It's no longer just voice or video, it's everything over the Internet, commonly referred to as XoIP. Covering Internet voice applications, wireless trends and technologies, presence, video and Internet TV, instant messaging, social media and more, VON.x is about predicting, disrupting, educating and gathering together the people who shape this ever -changing landscape, along with those who have a vested interest in partnering to help re -shape the future of Internet Communications.
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