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10 March 2008


WOODBURY, NY - Infinity Systems today announced that it is now shipping its Infinity Classia™ Series loudspeakers, four high -performance models that combine distinctively elegant styling with exceptional sonic accuracy and versatile installation options. Infinity Classia Series loudspeakers incorporate advanced technologies, including acclaimed Infinity Ceramic Metal Matrix Diaphragm (CMMD®) drivers, to deliver superlative sound quality in a wide range of home entertainment installations.

Infinity Classia Series models have a refined visual appeal, with styling that blends slim, elegantly proportioned enclosures with curved and contoured design elements that are evocative of the company's award -winning Infinity Cascade™ loudspeakers.

Models in the Infinity Classia Series include the following:

• C205 2 -way bookshelf (1 -inch tweeter, 5 -1/4 -inch woofer), SRP: $349 each
• C336 3 -way floorstanding (1 -inch tweeter, 4 -inch midrange driver, three 6 -1/2 -inch woofers, bi -wirable), SRP: $899 each
• CC225 2 -way wall -mountable center channel speaker (1 -inch tweeter, dual 5 -1/4 -inch woofers), SRP: $499 each
• C255ES 2 -way wall -mountable surround loudspeaker with selectable monopole/bipole/dipole/dual -speaker operation (dual 1 -inch tweeters, dual 5 -1/4 -inch woofers), SRP: $499 each

Exceptional Sonic Accuracy and Installation Versatility

All the drivers - woofers, tweeters and midrange - in Infinity Classia Series loudspeakers incorporate proven, patented Infinity® CMMD driver technology to deliver a level of sonic accuracy and musicality far superior to that of conventional loudspeakers. CMMD drivers are manufactured by anodizing alumina, a ceramic compound, to both sides of an aluminum core. This technique produces driver diaphragms of ultralow mass and ultrahigh rigidity, yielding exceptional resolution and transient response, with the inherent resonant frequency "breakup mode" of the driver moved well outside its operating range.

All Infinity Classia Series loudspeakers feature a CMMD tweeter with frequency response that extends to beyond 40kHz, providing clear, open and detailed high -frequency reproduction, and extraordinary fidelity when reproducing even the most -demanding high -resolution program sources. The tweeter operates in conjunction with a patent -pending Constant Acoustic Impedance™ (CAI™) waveguide, which utilizes a series of computer -designed, graduated curves that flare from the inside to the outside of the waveguide to provide optimal on - and off -axis high -frequency dispersion and smoothness, in addition to higher sensitivity and a more seamless blend with the woofers and midrange drivers.

The exclusive use of CMMD drivers in Infinity Classia Series loudspeakers assures that all models sonically complement each other with a uniform sonic signature among all channels in any home theater and stereo configuration. Infinity Classia Series loudspeakers excel in every sonic respect, with natural vocal and instrumental reproduction, a smooth tonal balance on - and off -axis, wide dynamic range and precise imaging in an enveloping sound field.

The Infinity Classia C255ES surround loudspeaker is a highly versatile surround -effects loudspeaker that features selectable monopole, dipole and bipole settings. In addition, the C255ES is capable of functioning as two independent loudspeakers from one enclosure. The C255ES features a new, highly compact enclosure that allows it to be inconspicuously installed in a wide variety of home entertainment applications. Its versatility enables it to be configured for optimum surround reproduction in any 5.1 -, 6.1 - or 7.1 -channel home theater system, and with any movie soundtrack or music recording.

As are all Infinity loudspeakers, Infinity Classia Series models incorporate room -friendly design principles; this ensures that they'll provide sonically accurate performance in the widest variety of listening environments and placement positions. All models utilize premium -grade parts and construction, and feature substantial, rigidly braced enclosures designed to minimize cabinet colorations and preserve subtle musical detail. All models (except the C255ES) are magnetically shielded.

Depending on the model, Infinity Classia loudspeakers offer a host of placement options, including on a wall (models C205, CC225, C255ES), floor or shelf. The CC225 center channel is supplied with wall -mount brackets, and the C205 bookshelf and C255ES surround -effects loudspeaker include keyhole mounts to facilitate wall -mounting. The CC225 and C255ES are also designed for shelf placement.

Infinity Classia Series loudspeakers are ideal for a wide variety of home entertainment systems, from compact, high -quality home theater and music systems to larger installations where expansive, authoritative, large -scale playback of movie soundtracks and music is desired.

Infinity Classia Series loudspeakers are available in two stunning finishes, high -gloss black and cherry -wood veneer, both accented by silver and black trim and complementing grille colors.

Infinity PSW310W Wireless Subwoofer: The Perfect Match to the Infinity Classia Series

The Infinity Classia PSW310W powered subwoofer will begin shipping in May 2008. The PSW310W (SRP: $799) is styled to match Infinity Classia Series loudspeakers, and employs a 12 -inch CMMD woofer, built -in 400 -watt amplifier and the Infinity -exclusive Bass Optimization System™, which overcomes low -frequency room resonances that can detract from the sonic accuracy of a home entertainment loudspeaker system. The PSW310W features a full complement of controls and connection options to deliver articulate, extended low -frequency response in any system and room.

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