iZ3D and HighEnd3D.com Announce Animated Banner Creation Contest

Highend3d.com, one of the world's largest 3D resource communities and iZ3D maker of popular 3D monitors has created a new contest for 3D artists!

San Diego, CA March 10, 2008 - iZ3D, LLC, designer, developer, and marketer of advanced 3D visualization systems, is pleased to announce that it has joined with Highend3D.com for a new animated banner creation contest. The iZ3D 22 -inch widescreen 3D monitor is the Grand Prize for the contest that began on February 27, 2008 and ends March 14, 2008.

"This is a great opportunity for aspiring computer graphic artists to further develop their portfolios, plus get a great 3D monitor if they win. The commercial 3D image quality of the iZ3D monitor is an ideal solution for graphic artists to view their 3D art in actual 3D as they're creating it," remarked Thomas Striegler, CEO of iZ3D, LLC.

Contestants are asked to create an animated 3D banner image that will be used by iZ3D in an upcoming marketing campaign. iZ3D is looking for the best original animated banner utilizing 3D graphics and creative marketing. The banner must be 160x600, less then 100kb in file size and achieve iZ3D's marketing goals. Please visit www.highend3D.com for entry information.

"Highend3d.com is a community for professional and learning professionals of the products Maya, XSI, Softimage, Alias Studio, Renderman, 3ds max, Zbrush, Shake, and other programs. We are pleased to partner with iZ3D to promote the use of 3D graphics. Our community is the ideal resource for this type of contest," remarked Will McCullough, Founder of highend3d.com.

The 22" iZ3D widescreen monitor is capable of displaying immersive 3D images with passive polarized glasses. It is designed to replace standard two -dimensional monitors while maintaining commercial image quality and display brightness. iZ3D supports long -time viewing without causing fatigue or eyestrain. This advanced technology takes existing three -dimensional applications such as PC games, 3D entertainment and allows users to experience 3D in a way they never could with a standard two -dimensional ("2D") monitor.

The iZ3D 22" monitor offers the first S -3D drivers to be compatible with popular dual output cards, including the NVIDIA GeForce 8 Series and the ATI FireGL™ V3600 workstation graphics accelerator. These drivers also are optimized to take advantage of Intel's® latest Core™ 2 Duo and Intel® Core™ 2 Quad processor technologies. iZ3D also features drivers that support Microsoft® DirectX® 8 and 9 graphics in both Windows® XP and Microsoft® Windows Vista™.
iZ3D developed this unique technology to create an adjustable 3D environment without causing eyestrain, spatial disorientation, or headaches. In 3D mode, viewers can see bright, sharp 3D images and video by wearing a pair of iZ3D passive polarized glasses.
Most current PC's equipped with a dual -output video card easily power the unit. Specifications include: 1680 x 1050 resolution; up to 170 -degree 3D viewing angle; 5ms response time; 700:1 contrast ratio; and 16.7 -million colors. The iZ3D 22" widescreen, 3D gaming monitor is available now via newegg.com or the iZ3D.com website for $799.00.
About Highend3d.com
Highend3d.com is one of the world's largest 3D resource communities. Every major studio and college in the world uses the site. Not only do users browse the site but also the Highend3d.com system allows users to host files, tutorials, and forums directly, which has built one of the largest CG communities of developers. For more information visit www.highend3d.com.
About iZ3D, LLC
Headquartered in San Diego, iZ3D, LLC, develops and markets iZ3D brand products for the electronic entertainment market as well as for commercial and professional visualization applications. Three -dimensional imaging is gaining appreciable attention in the display market, and interest in the various iZ3D visualization technologies is rapidly increasing.

Due to the popularity of the initial iZ3D monitor product from Neurok Optics LLC, a US -based 3D technology developer and marketing company, a new joint venture has formed with Chi Mei Optoelectronics (CMO), a Taiwan -based leading worldwide TFT -LCD manufacturing company.

The company specializes in the design and engineering of advanced 3D visualization products, and specifically targets Game and Entertainment as its markets. For more information, visit http://www.iz3d.com or call 858 646 -3015.

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