ATON™\'s New Storm Series Speakers Shipping

The Leader in Affordable Whole Home Systems Delivers High Performance Speaker Series Voiced and Engineered By Musicians

LEXINGTON, KY - ATON™, a premier manufacturer of affordable, high performance speakers and digital distribution systems for whole home systems, announced today that shipping has commenced for the company's new Storm Series Speakers. The product line features a selection of 19 speaker models for ceiling, in -wall, theater and outdoor use with high -end specifications that provide the best price / performance ratio in the industry. The series was designed to compete with the rugged construction and advanced features of the more expensive market leaders. Features include pivoting waveguide tweeters, excellent off -axis frequency response, high power handling and custom driver materials. Bob Williams, ATON's General Manager, made the announcement.

"There are three things that make our new Storm Series Speakers an outstanding value for whole home systems - price, features and tuning," said Mr. Williams. "Our company was created to make whole home systems accessible to all users. To do that our engineers took a look at the best performing speakers on the market and developed ingenious ways of matching the quality while reducing costs. As part of that effort, the speakers naturally evolved with a very high -end feature set like the pivoting waveguide tweeter that is used across the board in all our in -wall and outdoor speaker models. Finally, the people who work at ATON love music. In fact many of our designers are musicians. When they tuned the speakers in this line, it was to make them work best in a whole home system, reproducing the scope of sound most likely to be enjoyed in these settings. When we finished prototyping, we did side by side comparisons with our Storm Speakers and the competition's higher priced products, and the results were stunning."

David Acton, product marketing manager for ATON and independent recording artist for Advent Audio Productions agreed, "One of the things many sound engineers overlook in speaker tuning for whole home systems is that these components are used in more challenging ways and environments than speakers destined for studios. A speaker that is flat tuned, sounds the best in studio settings. Speakers tuned for whole home use must be able to handle music played at both background and concert levels. Typically at lower levels the flat tuned speakers lose the punch needed for modern pop and even classic music. Our goal was to design and tune our Storm Series Speakers so that they would provide optimum sound at all levels - without dips and peaks in the room and the need for equalization changes. We used Polypropylene and Injection Molded Graphite in our indoor speaker cones so that the speakers would perform well at all power levels and tuned them accordingly. In Our LCR Theater Speakers the challenge was to keep music and voice crisp while allowing peak, distortion -free base for titanic film effects. We were able to do this by using Woven Kevlar in the cones. As a musician, I am very happy with the results. Music and vocals are delivered crisply and clearly with a rich bass across the entire line no matter what the volume or room acoustics.

ATON Storm Speakers are available with nineteen affordably priced models to choose from. The line features seven ceiling speakers and five in -wall speakers with MSRPs ranging from $139 to $379, five outdoor speakers ranging from $249 to $479 and two LCR Theater Speakers at $379 and $429. Go to for more information and dealer locations.

About ATON:
ATON products are designed using multiple control and distribution technologies to provide easy -to -install systems that route, control and deliver audio and video content throughout the home. The company's core technologies include Dynamic Level Adjustment (DLA) Speaker Level Audio Routing, Radio Frequency (RF), Infrared (IR), and Category 5 (Cat5) digital distribution of audio and video. Organized in late 2005 as a development group, the company has been working on key products aimed at providing innovative, affordable systems for consumers. The company is based in Lexington, Kentucky, and sells through a distribution network to custom installers. To learn more, visit

ATON is a trademark of ATON, LLC, Lexington, KY.

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