Paradigm DSP Subwoofers Offer Big Bass, Small Footprint

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) design delivers maximum output in a compact package, with an ideal footprint for "hidden" installations.


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Digital Signal Processing (DSP) design delivers maximum output in a compact package, with an ideal footprint for "hidden" installations.

Las Vegas, NV - CES - January 7 -10, 2008 - The Venetian Towers Room 30 -136 - Paradigm Electronics is pleased to introduce the DSP Series Subwoofers, the culmination of Paradigm's multi -year research and development effort to achieve maximum subwoofer output from a compact form factor. Paradigm's proprietary Digital Signal Processing design employs sophisticated mathematical algorithms to "shape" frequency response, ensuring accurate, consistent and musical bass performance without audible distortion, even when the subs are playing at their loudest levels.

According to Paradigm's Marketing Manager, Mark Aling, "While Paradigm is dedicated to using the best available materials when constructing subwoofers and speakers, we are equally committed to researching innovative design techniques that can drive the premium materials to their absolute potential. The DSP Series is a culmination of these two philosophies, with added design elements for flexible and discreet placement." Manufactured in Paradigm's state -of -the -art Canadian facilities, every aspect of the advanced design supports the "big bass sound in a small package" ideal with an ultra -low distortion corollary.

Each model features a forward -firing driver with a CAP™ Carbon/Aramid -Fiber Polypropylene cone that combines high stiffness and low mass with excellent internal damping properties. The result is complete freedom from unwanted resonances and distortion. Computer optimized ceramic/ferrite magnet structures reduce inductive distortion while generating a powerful magnetic field. The advanced suspension design (surround/spider/chassis) promotes extended cone excursion while maintaining appropriate control over cone movement. Computer -optimized heatsinks and proprietary AVS™ Airflow Ventilation System aid in increased power handling as well as further reducing distortion.

The DSP Series' high -velocity, low -noise dual -port design incorporates critically flared openings to reduce turbulence distortion while ensuring maximum efficiency. The front -ported design also accommodates installation flexibility -the front ports allow DSP subwoofers to be placed discreetly for users who aren't interested in making a visual statement with their set -up. Finally, the acoustically inert MDF cabinet construction helps eliminate unwanted cabinet resonances while reinforcing enclosure stiffness.

All Paradigm DSP Series models feature removable grilles with the company's new SVS™ Slot Ventilation System, which allows for the release of the enormous air pressure generated by these high -performance designs.

Models are available in Cherry, Rosenut and Black Ash.

Specifications for the three subwoofers:

DSP -3100: 10˝ (255 mm) Cone, 600 watts Dynamic Peak/200 watts RMS
16 ¼ in x 12 ¼ in x 16 ¾ in (41.3 cm x 31.1 cm x 42.5 cm), 40 lb each (18.2 kg)

DSP -3200: 12˝ (305 mm) Cone, 900 watts Dynamic Peak/300 watts RMS
18 ¼ in x 14 in x 19 ½ in (46.4 cm x 35.6 cm x 49.5 cm), 54 lb each (24.5 kg)

DSP -3400: 14˝ (355 mm) Cone, 900 watts Dynamic Peak/300 watts RMS
22 ¼ in x 15 ¾ in x 21 in (56.5 cm x 40 cm x 53.2 cm), 64.8 lb each (29.5 kg)

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Innovative design, advanced materials, in -house manufacturing, and state -of -the -art engineering have made Paradigm an international leader in speaker design. With more than 250 industry awards for audio excellence and numerous rave reviews from around the world, Paradigm is committed to maintaining its place at the leading edge of speaker design.

Press Contact: Caster Communications, Inc. at 401.792.7080
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