New central vacuum unit is also the ideal cleaning solution for large homes, delivering more raw power with a smaller footprint than any other system.

Louisville, OH - February 5, 2008 - H -P Products, manufacturer of VACUFLO® and Dirt Devil® central vacuum systems, introduces its latest power unit, MaxAir -the only power unit in the central vacuum industry designed specifically for its Hide -A -Hose retractable hose system. MaxAir is also an excellent choice for powering longer hoses in traditional central vacuum applications -or just for customers who want the maximum amount of cleaning power available to them.

Delivering more vacuum power than other central vacuum systems of its size, MaxAir is a spectacular choice for large homes with up to 22,000 square feet of living space. Combined with H -P's Hide -A -Hose retractable hose system and TurboCat® powerhead, MaxAir delivers the homeowner a totally integrated package of maximum cleaning power and convenience.

Available for both the VACUFLO and Dirt Devil® lines, MaxAir owes its super -charged cleaning power to its unique dual motor design, which actually pushes air through the system. Despite its enhanced power, however, MaxAir has a smaller footprint than other power units. And even though it is one of the most powerful central vacuums of its size, MaxAir can nevertheless be easily tucked away, out of sight, in the basement or garage.

MaxAir's Cyclonic Filtration Technology® (CFT) is designed to deliver maximum power consistently. Its dual filtration process removes 100 percent of the vacuumed dirt from the living area. For primary filtration, CFT uses Cyclonic Separation, a process that removes 96 to 98 percent of the dirt from the airstream without the use of bags and filters. The remaining fine dust particles (less than five percent) are trapped in the high -performance filter. Unlike central vacuum systems that rely on permanent cloth filters, the powerful performance of MaxAir will not decrease as dirt accumulates. CFT allows maximum airflow and vacuum power for sustained, deep, thorough cleaning performance, every time you vacuum, without clogging.

Add Hide -A -Hose, the retractable hose management system, and the sleek TurboCat Zoom powerhead, and you will actually have fun vacuuming! With Hide -A -Hose, you'll never need to move or store bulky hoses again. Up to 50 feet of hose can be stored within the tubing in the wall until you need it; the rest of the time, the hose is out of sight, out of mind. The sustained airflow and vacuum power of MaxAir automatically retracts the hose when you are finished vacuuming. MaxAir is the only unit in the industry specifically designed for Hide -A -Hose installations. Not only does MaxAir enhance a Hide -A -Hose system, but it's also a great choice for powering longer hoses in traditional applications.

The TurboCat Zoom's powerhead turbine design makes it a powerful partner for both MaxAir and Hide -A -Hose, and also allows users to save on energy costs. As an air -driven (turbine) system, it does not require electricity wired into the wall inlets. The turbine rotates at a high RPM, generating the air power necessary for superior cleaning performance, and it's lightweight and maneuverable for optimum cleaning convenience.

MaxAir's exceptional power makes it the perfect choice for homes with a larger living space, and its Limited Lifetime Warranty ensures high -performance cleaning year after year. Stop by booth W4189 at the International Builders' Show and check MaxAir out for yourself!

MaxAir is now shipping.

For more information on H -P Products, Inc., please visit www.centralvacheadquarters.com.

H -P Products, Inc., offers over 55 years of manufacturing expertise - with over 45 of those years manufacturing built -in central vacuum systems, as well as tubular products. In 1955, H -P Products introduced VACUFLO®, the first residential built -in central vacuum system with a patented True Cyclonic® process requiring no bags or filters. H -P Products, manufacturer of the Dirt Devil® and Dirt Devil® Platinum Force® lines of central vacuum systems, offers versatile accessories and kits for every application. Log onto www.centralvacheadquarters.com for more information on H -P Products' full line of central vacuum products and accessories.

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