New IPTV Book Published: \'Next Generation IPTV Services and Technologies\'

New book aims to help telecom, digital home integrators, and IT professionals meet the demands of designing, implementing and supporting end-to-end IPTV networking infrastructures.

Ireland, January, 2008 - In recognition of the growing importance of IPTV systems, Wiley and TVMentors today announced that Gerard O'Driscoll, an accomplished international IPTV expert, has recently published his latest book titled 'Next Generation IPTV Services and Technologies'.

'The television entertainment industry is currently experiencing a major transformation due to improvements in video compression techniques and the steady rise of broadband penetration.
This transformation in the core TV business is fueling the demand for a new generation of technology professionals who will be responsible for implementing IP -based video services and digital home services around the world.' said the book's author Gerard O'Driscoll.
'This book is an integral part of this transformation and provides telecom operators, wireless mobile providers, cable TV companies, media companies, broadcasters, video production companies, and Internet portal companies with the technical information needed to help ensure their IPTV networks are well designed and run efficiently with minimal operational costs'. Coverage

* IPTV network distribution technologies
* IPTV real -time encoding and transportation
* Broadcasting linear programming over IPTV
* IPTV consumer devices (IPTVCDs)
* IPTV conditional access and DRM systems
* Moving IPTV around the house
* Video -on -demand over IP delivery networks

Additionally, this book examines IPTV technical subjects that are not included in any other single reference to date: Quality of Experience (QoE), techniques for speeding up IPTV channel changing times, IPTVCD software architecture, Whole Home Media Networking (WHMN), IP -based high -definition TV, interactive IPTV applications, and managing an IPTV network on a daily basis. Next Generation IPTV Services and Technologies also comes complete with helpful flowcharts and engineering schematics that serve as an ideal supplemental text for graduate and postgraduate level networking and IP protocol courses.

The book, published by Wiley, is now available at bookstores around the globe. For further details on the Next Generation IPTV Services and Technologies book, visit

Gerard O'Driscoll is an accomplished international telecommunications expert, entrepreneur, and globally renowned authority on emerging technologies. He has served in a variety of management, engineering, and commercial positions over the past fifteen years. O'Driscoll is widely regarded as an authority on the set -top box, IPTV, digital home, and mobile TV marketplaces. His Web site is> .

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